Issue 4

November 2, 2008

This week… 1368 commits, in 151 projects, by 171 happy hackers (and 155 were translation commits).

Gimp merged the Google Summer of Code project of Daniel Eddeland that added on-canvas text-editing. Rhythmbox gaired a new iPod properties dialog (with disk usage and such stuff). NetworkManager code was cleaned up adding and using accessors to various settings. Libgnome/ui got killed this week in libgames-support (and that finally makes gnome-games libgnome free) (by Thomas H.P. Andersen), goffice (by Jean Brefort) and gnome-settings-daemon (by Jens Granseuer). Brasero has been proposed for inclusion in 2.26 and continues to see a steady flow of bug fixes. Owen Taylor commited a little bit of gnome-shell code into Subversion and posted some notes. Zeeshan Ali moved gnome-media-server to Subversion under a new name, Rygel.

Top projects

Project Commits
rygel 164
gimp 111
ooo-build 45
gobject-introspection 44
gtk+ 37
gir-repository 33
NetworkManager 32
network-manager-applet 29
brasero 29
damned-lies 26

Top authors

Author Commits
zeeshanak 165
neo 50
dcbw 48
tko 37
otaylor 35
chpe 35
mitch 32
mdziumanenko 31
martinn 27
philippr 26

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    One minor formatting suggestion about the paragraph of text: it might be nicer to make those a bulletted list, since it seems about once sentence per and it’s easier to just scan that way.

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