Issue 8

November 30, 2008

This week… 1476 commits, in 165 projects, by 160 happy hackers (and 155 were translation commits).

  • There were lots of 2.24.2 tagging, with 2.24.2 released on Wednesday.
  • Many modules completed the “Cleaning up GTK Includes” goal (file-roller, system-monitor, gnome-session, fast-user-switch-applet, libgweather, gnome-nettool and gnome-netstatus).
  • Another goal is about removing deprecated GTK+ symbols, gdm, system-monitor and gnome-netstatus completed it.
  • gedit merged plugin system changes from its “new_plugin” branch; this includes a new python plugin loader, references to Python have been removed from gedit core.
  • Christian Persh continued cleaning gnome-terminal and added a runtime debugging framework.
  • Ron McOuat patch to add support for basic and digest authentication in souphttpstr (in GStreamer) got applied.
  • Diego Escalante Urrelo gave some attention to gnome-netstatus, cleaning it up (including the removal of the libgnomeui dependency) and applying some long-waiting patches (most notable being the consideration of Fitt’s law).
  • Aisleriot gained a new game, Queen of Italy (aka Terrace)
  • Lutz Mueller and Morten Welinder made it possible to drag a sheet from gnumeric to gedit (or any other text program).
  • Finally Evolution CalDAV support gained support for VTODO and VJOURNAL resources

Top projects

Project Commits
ooo-build 89
pitivi 69
tracker 68
seed 58
vte 48
glib 44
f-spot 35
libgweather 33
gtk+ 32
rygel 30

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Edward Hervey 67 pitivi
Christian Persch 59 gnome-terminal, vte, gnome-games and others
Matthias Clasen 51 glib, gtk+, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Robert Carr 49 seed
Philip Van Hoof 48 tracker
Behdad Esfahbod 44 vte, gnomeweb-wml, pango and others
Johan Dahlin 40 gir-repository, gobject-introspection, gjs and others
Vincent Untz 39 libgweather, libwnck, gnome-session and others
Stephane Delcroix 34 f-spot
Tor Lillqvist 33 ooo-build, gtk-web