Issue 21

March 1, 2009

This week… 1904 commits, in 187 projects, by 204 happy hackers (and 641 were translation commits).

  • British English is the first language to reach 100%, there is now eight languages with over 99% of the UI strings translated, sixteen with over 95%, and 39 over the 80% mark (used to be listed in the release notes).
  • There are three new modules in Subversion this week: Gnome Format, a GNOME media formatter, developed by Michael Kanis, gpointing-device-settings, a program for touchpad and trackpad settings, developed by Hiroyuki Ikezoe, and gio-strigi, a GIO wrapper for Strigi, developed by Philip Van Hoof.
  • Davyd Madeley started preparing the stage for the 2.26 release notes.
  • Following on last week work, Alexander Larsson worked on trusted desktop file launchers in Nautilus.
  • Rhythmbox got a D-Bus interface for adding and removing DAAP shares. (GNOME bug 570115)
  • GParted added detection of the BRTFS file system.
  • David Zeuthen added a –device option to gvfs-mount.
  • Support for taking a screenshot of an user-defined selection landed in gnome-screenshot. (GNOME bug 155061, opened in October 2004)
  • Lucas Rocha merged his session-saving branch into gnome-session trunk.
  • Epiphany (webkit) started using SoupProxyResolverGNOME, so it gets support for GNOME proxy settings through libproxy.
  • Bastien Nocera announced the fork of bluez-gnome that is now available in gnome-bluetooth.
  • Orca got support for notify-osd (the new Ubuntu notification daemon).

Top projects

Project Commits
gnome-bluetooth 110
gpointing-device-settings 62
hamster-applet 44
nautilus 42
tracker 40
seed 40
gtk+ 38
evolution 36
evolution-data-server 36
ooo-build 36

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Bastien Nocera 117 gnome-bluetooth, nautilus-sendto, phonemgr and others
Philip Withnall 69 gnome-settings-daemon, seahorse, evolution and others
Hiroyuki Ikezoe 61 gpointing-device-settings
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 51 glade3, f-spot, gnome-system-tools and others
Duarte Loreto 51 tasque, libgweather, gimp and others
Og B. Maciel 46 orca, seahorse, gtksourceview and others
Matej Urbančič 37 sound-juicer, nautilus, orca and others
Toms Baugis 33 hamster-applet
Gil Forcada Codinachs 29 gnome-games, gnome-utils, nautilus and others
Milan Crha 28 evolution, evolution-data-server