Issue 24

March 22, 2009

This week… 2594 commits, in 269 projects, by 223 happy hackers (and 993 were translation commits).

  • 2.26 got released on Wednesday, and translators worked hard, a special mention for the Maithili and Assamese teams, that improved their percentages by near 20 points.
  • An initial backend support for GDB Variable Objects landed in Nemiver.
  • Philippe Rouquier started splitting brasero between backend and application.
  • The Mini-Commander applet got support for https URL. (GNOME bug 575782)
  • Cosimo Cecchi fixed nautilus to spawn its windows on the correct screen, instead of always using the default one. (GNOME bug 555078)
  • Epiphany got support for translucent link-message statusbar, ‘Inspired’ from Chrome, will show the link-message in a translucent floating div on the bottom left corner of the web view if the normal statusbar is hidden.
  • Cody Russel improved the GTK+ menu theming on Win32, using the new menu styling API, it makes GTK+ looks much better on Windows Vista. (GNOME bug 538840)
  • Rhythmbox will now use the new GtkEntry API for the “clear” icon in its search entry, rather than libsexy’s SexyIconEntry; also GnomeHRef usage has been replaced with GtkLinkButton, that removes the libgnome dependency.
  • Also the Rhythmbox Jamendo XML parser got rewritten to create database entries in a single pass, rather than creating an intermediate structure and converting that to database entries. This speeds up catalogue loading and reduces memory consumption. (GNOME bug 424423)
  • Rygel got transcoding support, from any format (that GStreamer can handle) to
    mp3, LPCM and mpeg transport stream.
  • In the Murrine GTK+ engine Andrea Cimitan removed shadows from comboboxentry’s button and welcomes any feedback on this.
  • Finally two new modules in Subversion this week: Jordi Mas imported Mistelixa, a DVD authoring tool, and Krzesimir Nowak imported libvtemm, C++ bindings to libvte.

Top projects

Project Commits
release-notes 111
rygel 89
ooo-build 51
empathy 50
brasero 49
ekiga 46
gnome-applets 46
nautilus 43
gnome-bluetooth 41
epiphany 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Djihed Afifi 98 brasero, nautilus, cheese and others
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 90 gnome-applets, gnome-user-docs, release-notes and others
Zeeshan Ali Khattak 89 rygel
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 73 gnome-power-manager, gtksourceview, mousetweaks and others
Amanpreet Singh Alam 69 release-notes, seahorse, gvfs and others
Christian Persch 68 gnome-terminal, epiphany, gucharmap and others
Amitakhya Phukan 65 ekiga, seahorse, gnome-power-manager and others
Vincent Untz 63 gnome-session, libgweather, gnome-panel and others
Kostas Papadimas 49 gnome-desktop, totem, gnome-media and others
Shankar Prasad 44 brasero, empathy, gnome-utils and others