Issue 26

April 5, 2009

This week… 1520 commits, in 164 projects, by 160 happy hackers (and 180 were translation commits).

  • GTK+ and glib switched to; so Alexander Larsson sent in his client-side-windows branch; in the meantime Dan Winship published a glib branch adding GResolver, a glib-ish interface to DNS.
  • Gerd Kohlberger migrated gok to libcanberra; it was the last module using esound.
  • Anjuta git plugin got checkout support; and the project import wizard has been replaced by a simpler dialog that allows to import directly from a version control system.
  • A patch by Simon van der Linden got commited to gnome-terminal, adding a “Leave Fullscreen” menu item (GNOME bug 566335).
  • Totem switched from bacon-message-connection to libunique (GNOME bug 162822), also a new D-Bus Service plugin (GNOME bug 576016) and the YouTube plugin was ported to C, using the new libgdata library.
  • Matthew Barnes continues his hard work removing bonobo usage from evolution, he finished attachment dragndrop in the composer window.
  • Evince fading animations got fixed (the next page was displayed before animation started).
  • Empathy was fixed so IRC commands without special support are no longer sent as plaintext. (GNOME bug 577026).
  • Rhythmbox improved his support for MTP devices; it now creates album objects on the device when transferring songs, and sends the album art to the device if it supports the JPEG file type.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 297
gdm 78
vala 68
gnumeric 54
gnome-games 53
totem 48
gmime 37
tracker 26
meld 24
brasero 24

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Alexander Larsson 206 gtk+, nautilus, gvfs and others
Richard Hult 89 gtk+
Simos Xenitellis 76 gnome-games, gnome-applets, epiphany and others
Morten Welinder 55 gnumeric, goffice
Bastien Nocera 46 totem, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-nds-thumbnailer and others
Christian Persch 37 gnome-terminal, gucharmap, evince and others
Jeffrey Stedfast 37 gmime
Jürg Billeter 36 vala
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 28 damned-lies, gdm, gnome-bluetooth and others
Martin Nordholts 25 gegl, babl