Issue 28

April 19, 2009

This week… 1889 commits, in 207 projects, by 235 happy hackers (and 407 were translation commits).

  • The Git migration happened, and 84 commits were about doap files, and 44 about .gitignore files.
  • gnome-netstatus, empathy and gnome-dictionary (from gnome-utils, GNOME bug 577943) all switched to GtkBuilder.
  • libgdata added support for ETags, to allow for versioning when querying, updating and deleting entries. (GNOME bug 578661)
  • A new plugin has been added to eog, to order images randomly in slideshow mode. (GNOME bug 562135)
  • Libchamplain got support for more advanced markers, allowing to set many properties on markers, allowing features such as attached image or text and how if should be displayed (wrapped, ellipsized, etc.). (GNOME bug 576055)
  • Matthew Barnes updated gnome-video-arcade to make game play back work again with recent MAME releases.
  • Sabayon was updated to use Xephyr instead of Xnest.
  • Xan Lopez fixed backwards search in Epiphany Find Toolbar.
  • Empathy got a new “join chatroom” dialog, which will only load the room list when the rooms are displayed.
  • Seed imports system was changed to match the one in gjs, making it easier to port applications between them. Robert Carr posted details in some Seed updated.

Top projects

Project Commits
seed 119
tracker 108
empathy 100
vala 74
banshee 53
gdm 40
pitivi 39
gtksourceview 36
passepartout 35
damned-lies 33

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Robert Carr 104 seed
Jürg Billeter 82 tracker, vala
Xavier Claessens (with commits from Sjoerd Simons, Xavier Claessens, Paul Cutler, Will Thompson, Guillaume Desmottes, Lars-Peter Clausen) 71 empathy
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 54 empathy, gnome-terminal, brasero and others
Emmanuele Bassi 41 gnome-utils, json-glib, unique
Ray Strode 38 gdm
Sven Herzberg 33 passepartout
Behdad Esfahbod 32 pango, vte, gucharmap and others
Alexander Larsson 32 nautilus, gvfs, gnome-desktop and others
Claude Paroz 30 damned-lies, mousetweaks, anjuta and others