Issue 32

May 17, 2009

This week… 1925 commits, in 174 projects, by 218 happy hackers (and 183 were translation commits).

  • libgnomekbd and gnome-power-manager have been converted from libglade to GTKBuilder.
  • Vino got ported from libdbus to dbus-glib, as a first step towards integration with the Telepathy framework. (GNOME bug 580464)
  • In GTK+ the GtkLabel gained the possibility to show hyperlinks, that feature was previously provided SexyUrlLabel. (GNOME bug 508810)
  • Also in GTK+ a printing backend using PAPI, as found on OpenSolaris, has been added (to both master and 2.16) (GNOME bug 382676)
  • Support for annotations landed in Evince, it requires libpoppler 0.11 (GNOME bug 315002)
  • Empathy added a fullscreen mode for video playback. (GNOME bug 580771)
  • Behdad Esfahbod merged his harfbuzz-ng branch into Pango.
  • The Volume Control has been updated to show high-level channel mapping string for each devices, this gives pretty names such as “Surround 7.1” or “Stereo” (GNOME bug 581921).
  • After a discussion on desktop-devel-list Robert Carr created a new gnome-js-common module, to share code and tests between Seed and GJS.
  • In Seed a new module to bind Cairo has been developed.
  • Alexander Larsson imported gnio (socket and networking support) into glib.
  • Much work happened (and is still ongoing) in Orca to refactor the speech and braille generators. (GNOME bug 570658)

Top projects

Project Commits
seed 208
jhbuild 77
tracker 72
gnumeric 68
banshee 54
gimp 48
tomboy 46
gnio 41
evolution 41
orca 39

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Robert Carr 123 seed, gnome-js-common, planet-web
Tim Horton 85 seed, epiphany
Frederic Peters 71 jhbuild, pygtk, empathy and others
Alexander Larsson 69 gnio, glib, gvfs and others
Andreas J. Guelzow 46 gnumeric, libgsf
Matthew Barnes 42 evolution, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and others
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 34 rygel
Martin Nordholts 34 gimp, gtk+
Morten Welinder 32 gnumeric, goffice, gnomeweb-wml and others
Sandy Armstrong 32 tomboy, snowy, gnomeweb-wml