Issue 39

July 5, 2009

This week… 1811 commits, in 184 projects, by 224 happy hackers (and 268 were translation commits).

  • The Client Side Windows branch has been merged into GTK+, Alexander Larsson posted a status update on gtk-devel-list. (GNOME bug 318807)
  • Cheese dropped its copy of GEditMessageArea in favour of the new GtkInfoBar that was introduced in 2.17.2. (GNOME bug 586545)
  • When there’s a DVD menu showing in Totem, it’s now possible to use the arrow keys to navigate around, and the Enter key to select (GNOME bug 580351).
  • Snowy (the Tomboy companion web service) added OAuth endpoints, and the requirement for OAuth for accessing api/* URLs.
  • Richard Hughes removed the HAL dependency of gnome-power-manager, making everything going through DeviceKit; he blogged it as HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete.
  • Gustavo Noronha Silva merged his content sniffing work in libsoup, the implementation is based on the draft spec on Content-Type Processing Model. Soup now provides a SoupContentSniffer session feature, which hooks into the message I/O, and delays emissions of the got-chunk signal to be able to figure out the Content-Type of messages from the actual content received, in some cases. GIO is also used to sniff content, whenever the spec allows further sniffing.(GNOME bug 572589)

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 71
seed 71
gnome-shell 60
gnome-games 54
f-spot 52
gnumeric 52
empathy 52
gimp 46
orca 41
brasero 37

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Tim Horton 58 seed, gnome-games
Vincent Untz 47 gnome-session, libgweather, libwnck and others
Jorge Gonzalez 41 krb5-auth-dialog, mistelix, gtk-doc and others
Richard Hughes 39 gnome-power-manager, gnome-packagekit
Willie Walker 39 orca, gnome-mag
Morten Welinder 36 gnumeric, gnomeweb-wml, goffice and others
Matthew Barnes 35 evolution, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and others
Benjamin Otte 33 gtk+, glib
Martin Nordholts 33 gegl, gimp
Philippe Rouquier 32 brasero