Issue 48

September 6, 2009

This week… 2207 commits, in 200 projects, by 262 happy hackers (and 654 were translation commits).

  • Michael Natterer added support for layer trees in Gimp, the UI still needs to be improved but there is now a Folder button in the layers dialog. (GNOME bug 86337)
  • Totem browser plugin now overrides the HTTP user-agents for Quicktime and Windows Media Player, this fixes playback of the Apple trailers. (GNOME bug 375867)
  • David Zeuthen started a “new-ui” branch to rework the UI of libgdu-gtk and palimpset.
  • Brasero has been fixed to not use readcd (-clone) to copy audio CD, as it doesn’t keep CD-TEXT. (GNOME bug 580813)
  • Epiphany gained back its “view source” command. (GNOME bug 503968)
  • A new g_mkstemp_full() function has been added to glib, to expose more parameters than g_mkstemp(), allowing more flexibility when creating temporary files. (GNOME bug 594034)
  • In Gnumeric Andreas J. Guelzow added handling of ODF import/export of surface plots originally created in Excel. (GNOME bug 594041)
  • Matthew Barnes updated the “mailing-list-actions”, “save-calendar” and “publish-calendar” evolution plugins to the bonobo-liberated Evolution.
  • On the same topic Lucian Langa started porting evolution-rss for the new Evolution.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 153
tracker 106
empathy 86
evolution 71
gimp 67
gnumeric 56
glib 46
gthumb 45
vala 41
glibmm 39

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Daniel Elstner 71 glibmm, mm-common, libsigc++2 and others
Kjartan Maraas 49 orca, gnome-system-tools, evolution and others
Morten Welinder 47 gnumeric, goffice, gnomeweb-wml
Matthias Clasen 47 gtk+, glib, gnome-settings-daemon
Michael Natterer 44 gimp, gtk+
Jürg Billeter 43 tracker, vala
chrisb 42 sawfish, rep-gtk, librep
Matthew Barnes 42 evolution, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and others
Philip Van Hoof 41 tracker
Paolo Bacchilega 39 gthumb