Issue 50

September 20, 2009

This week… 2699 commits, in 227 projects, by 271 happy hackers (and 1213 were translation commits).

  • This is the week before the 2.28.0 and translators are working like crazy, Maithili support literally jumped from 43% to 55%, Asturian also jumped, progressing of 8 points; Galician, German and Hungarian all reached 100% of UI strings translated.
  • Brasero got event sound support, sounds will be played when a CD finished burning. (GNOME bug 594954)
  • A new WebSharing extension has been added to F-Spot.
  • Ryan Lortie added a D-Bus service for dconf (GNOME bug 595479).
  • Epiphany gained back its context menu, thanks to the new WebKitHitTestResult support in WebKit.
  • Nemiver gained support for editing breakpoint condition.
  • Evolution got rid of its dependency on libgnome and libgnomeui, Matthew Barnes blogged on how Evolution is now 100% Bonobo free. (GNOME bug 567283)
  • Screen locking on suspend or hibernate has been fixed in gnome-session (GNOME bug 595154)
  • XChat-GNOME got an option to hide its statusbar (GNOME bug 524030).
  • GNOME Shell has been updated to make the run dialog and “looking glass” debug console work in the overview. (GNOME bug 595116)
  • David Zeuthen added GObject introspection support to PolkitGtk.

Top projects

Project Commits
vala 134
empathy 102
release-notes 81
evolution 64
kupfer 64
epiphany 53
libgda 52
gnome-bluetooth 51
gtk+ 51
gimp 46

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Rajesh Ranjan 121 ekiga, brasero, libgweather and others
Jürg Billeter 118 vala, tracker, libgee
Ulrik Sverdrup 63 kupfer
Maxim V. Dziumanenko 60 gtk+, gnome-system-tools, gnome-terminal and others
Ask H. Larsen 60 seahorse, evolution-data-server, evolution and others
Matej Urbančič 56 empathy, contacts, orca and others
Manoj Kumar Giri 54 gtk+, epiphany, evolution and others
Daniel Elstner 52 glibmm, mm-common, gtkmm-documentation and others
Vivien Malerba 48 libgda
Bastien Nocera 46 gnome-bluetooth, gnome-lirc-properties, totem and others