Issue 58

November 15, 2009

This week… 1612 commits, in 180 projects, by 213 happy hackers (and 293 were translation commits).

  • Banshee was migrated to the 2.0 API. (GNOME bug 541227)
  • A general search feature has been added to Rygel, including Tracker.
  • The GtkNotebook widget got an “action area”, to be used for things like having a single close tab button to the right of all tabs. Johannes Schmid wrote about it in his weblog: GtkNotebook action widgets. (GNOME bug 116650)
  • Totem gained an on-screen display when in fullscreen mode, Bastien Nocero announced it in A little OSD. (GNOME bug 600985)
  • Simon van der Linden added the possibility to import wrappers from pygi to pygobject.
  • The GNOME Shell got presence items added to the status menu. (GNOME bug 601458)
  • Behdad Esfahbod reverted a commit to vte, as not clearing the alternate screen caused issues with less.
  • Basic Mac OS X integration (menu, dock, bundle) has been pushed to gedit.
  • Empathy was fixed to ask for password when joining a protected room (GNOME bug 579341)
  • The View Properties dialog of Gnumeric was converted to be instant-apply.
  • William Walker added provisional support for GNOME Shell magnifier service to Orca.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 189
empathy 90
evolution 71
banshee 47
gtk+ 43
rygel 43
gnumeric 42
hamster-applet 40
network-manager-netbook 39
gedit 36

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Adrien Bustany 116 tracker, vala
Guillaume Desmottes 54 empathy
Matej Urbančič 44 gnome-applets, deskbar-applet, dasher and others
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 43 rygel
Toms Bauģis 37 hamster-applet
Matthew Barnes 37 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and others
Jorge González 36 evolution, gnome-utils, gnome-media and others
Thomas Thurman 33 evolution, gnome-games, nautilus and others
Morten Welinder 32 gnumeric, goffice
Stef Walter 29 gnome-keyring

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  1. Zeeshan Ali Says:

    It was general search feature that was added to Rygel for all plugins, including tracker. :)

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