Issue 67

January 17, 2010

This week… 2106 commits, in 195 projects, by 235 happy hackers (and 348 were translation commits).

  • Behdad Esfahbod added the possibility to save the content of a terminal. (GNOME bug 24457)
  • Vinagre feature to share a desktop over Telepathy has been ported to the latest Telepathy API, removing the requirement on Empathy to dispatch tubes.
  • A new accounts-dialog module has been imported, talking to a new accountsservice service to manage accounts; Matthias Clasen announced it on his weblog: Old Promises.
  • Parallel to those developments Milan Bouchet-Vala continued hacking on the accounts management in system-tools-backend and GNOME system tools, improving both backends and user interface.
  • XChat-GNOME got rid of libgnome and libgnomeui (GNOME bug 584887); the GNOME Panel also got rid of them.
  • gdm has been fixed to not display a different message for user unknown versus a failed password for a valid user, to avoid revealing which user names are valid without authenticating. (GNOME bug 606703)
  • Andrea Cimitan speed up the Murrine engine in RGBA mode, fixing the way webkit windows were handled along the way.
  • Alexander Larsson added support for lazy loading of giomodules to GLib.
  • Thomas Wood worked on the evolution of the control center, moving to a single window approach, in the single-window-shell branch, read his weblog for more info.
  • GNOME Disk Utility got a first cut at LVM2 support, with support for creating Logical Volumes; support for setting up striping and mirroring will come later.
  • Bastien Nocera added cropping capability to the chooser widget of Cheese. (GNOME bug 606730)
  • Toms Baugis improved the hamster applet so it will now adapt automatically to theme colours.
  • Epiphany “find on page” feature has been improved to wait a little bit before searching for one or two character strings, which slowed down things. (GNOME bug 598322)

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 197
kupfer 150
evolution-data-server 65
empathy 56
hamster-applet 53
evolution 53
gtk+ 48
gnome-control-center 44
banshee 43
gtksourceviewmm 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ulrik Sverdrup 135 kupfer
Jürg Billeter 72 tracker, vala
Daniel Nylander 60 banshee, damned-lies, network-manager-applet and others
Martyn Russell 58 tracker
Toms Bauģis 53 hamster-applet, billreminder
Philip Van Hoof 53 tracker
Krzesimir Nowak 49 gtksourceviewmm, libvtemm
Matthew Barnes 48 evolution, gnome-video-arcade, evolution-data-server and others
Travis Reitter 46 evolution-data-server
Petr Kovar 45 gnome-utils, glabels, billreminder and others