Issue 75

March 14, 2010

This week… 2144 commits, in 230 projects, by 307 happy hackers (and 681 were translation commits).

  • Banshee got a new Youtube extension (GNOME bug 576666).
  • Nautilus has been changed to load tracker/beagle at runtime. (GNOME bug 589345)
  • Support for GObject introspection has been added to gnome-menus (GNOME bug 598406)
  • gnome-settings-daemon got its code to eject removable media rewritten to use gio (instead of spawning the eject command). (GNOME bug 580779)
  • GNOME Shell has been updated to support and require Clutter 1.2 (GNOME bug 610679)
  • Yelp, in its yelp-3-0 branch, got a new ocation dropdown, with two-line entries, displaying both title and description. Shaun McCance blogged about this change in More Yelp 3.0 Location Entry.
  • David Zeuten added rudimentary support for loop files to GNOME Disk Utility. (screenshot)
  • To follow up on the usabiltiy report Empathy was changed to sort contacts by state and to show offline contacts by default (GNOME bug 612338).
  • Milan Bouchet-Valat added support for password (un)locking to system-tools-backends.
  • Dan Williams modified the network manager applet to handle and show access technology for GSM connections (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, etc.)
  • Evince has been updated to use monitor height instead of screen height to calculate page scale in presentation mode; this fixes the presentation mode in dual head setups. (GNOME bug 608924)

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 149
gtk+ 97
banshee 94
evolution 55
glib 49
gimp 49
evolution-data-server 47
vala 43
empathy 40
gnome-shell 38

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Matthew Barnes 61 evolution, evolution-data-server, gtkhtml and others
Vincent Untz 55 libwnck, gnome-panel, gnome-desktop and others
Jürg Billeter 54 vala, tracker
Jorge González 53 gnome-doc-utils, gnome-color-manager, damned-lies and others
Marek Černocký 45 banshee, tracker, gbrainy and others
Matthias Clasen 45 gtk+, glib, gnome-control-center and others
Changwoo Ryu 39 dasher, zenity, totem and others
Adrien Bustany 38 tracker, vala
Martyn Russell 36 tracker
Gabriel Burt 36 banshee