Issue 95

August 1, 2010

This week… 1817 commits, in 202 projects, by 221 happy hackers (and 396 were translation commits).

  • In the ongoing transitions emerillon has been ported to GSettings, while evolution, evolution-data-server, and brasero have been ported to GDBus (GNOME bug 622884 and others).
  • Also glibmm gained a wrapper for GApplication, and gtkmm another one for GtkApplication.
  • Mike Gorse added thread safety around main loop invocations in PyGTK.
  • Eye of GNOME got a settings conversion file, to migrate configuration from GConf to GSettings.
  • Jonh Wendell ported Vinagre to use libpeas for its plugins.
  • And a basic support for plugin dependencies has been added to libpeas.
  • Cheese effect preview elements have been changed to be constructed on-demand, rather than at startup, which has a great effect on startup performance.
  • Matthias Clasen improved a lot the coverage of unit tests in GLib.
  • Michael Natterer started porting various bits of Gimp from drawing with GDK to drawing with Cairo.
  • Paolo Borelli made a first cut at a fonts panel for gnome control center 3.0, at the moment a straight port of the fonts tab of the current appearance preferences dialog.
  • In Gnumeric Jean Brefort added support for importing old Guppi graphs from gnumeric 1.0 files.
  • Nate Stedman added support for shapes and backgrounds to Ease.
  • In Vala Michael Terry added support for the new bytestring GVariant (GNOME bug 624986)
  • Last but not least Cosimo Cecchi removed the backgrounds/emblems feature in Nautilus.
  • As for GSoC students, many were at GUADEC and you should really watch the recorded GSoC lightning talks session once it’s made available…

Top projects

Project Commits
ease 92
gtk+ 88
evolution 74
glib 70
evolution-data-server 66
gobject-introspection 61
ocrfeeder 58
gnumeric 56
nautilus-actions 43
nautilus 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Nate Stedman 90 ease
Benjamin Otte 71 gtk+, gnome-desktop
Joaquim Rocha 54 ocrfeeder
Matthias Clasen 51 glib
Jorge González 47 evolution-data-server, gbrainy, gnome-shell and others
Colin Walters 46 gobject-introspection, pygtk
Morten Welinder 40 gnumeric, goffice, gnomeweb-wml and others
Pierre Wieser 39 nautilus-actions
Daniel Nylander 38 nautilus, caribou, sound-juicer and others
Matthew Barnes 37 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-pilot and others

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  1. Tomasz Says:

    I could live without emblems in nautilus, but background in folders were very nice feature. Although not very discoverable.

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