Issue 99

August 29, 2010

This week… 2512 commits, in 181 projects, by 248 happy hackers (and 596 were translation commits).

  • The synctex plugin, to synchronize TeX files and PDF output, has been merged into gedit-plugins.
  • Both Lapo Calamandrei and Jakub Steiner worked on the metacity/mutter theme for GNOME 3.
  • Nate Stedman added alpha support to backgrounds in Ease.
  • A “save as PDF” plugin has been added to Gimp, thanks to Barak Itkin. (GNOME bug 382688)
  • Andreas J. Guelzow added progress info support to the ODF export feature of Gnumeric.
  • Batch operation support for both Calendar and Documents services has been added to libgdata. (GNOME bug 624141, GNOME bug 624142)
  • Christopher Roy Bratusek made the applications menu of Sawfish honour NotShowIn and OnlyShowIn.
  • Interactive TLS certification verification has been merged into Empathy. (GNOME bug 626848)
  • Jonh Wendell split the reverse VNC feature of Vinagre into its own plugin, and ported it to GSocket, making reverse connections work with both IPv4 and IPv6. (GNOME bug 626981)
  • Cosimo Cecchi updated the design of the Nautilus sidebar, categorizing items with headings, a screnshot is available. (GNOME bug 508404)
  • f-spot completed its port to GtkBuilder. (GNOME bug 589702)
  • Thomas Wood implemented a new UI design for the background preference panel.
  • Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen ported both gnotravex and gnotski to cairo. (GNOME bug 625444)
  • Gustavo Noronha Silva wrapped the geolocation support provided by WebKitGTK+ in Epiphany, using info bars to present policy requests to the user. (GNOME bug 626687)
  • GDateTime, an opaque data type containing a date and time representation, has been added to GLib. (GNOME bug 50076)
  • Benjamin Otte completed the second part of his GTK+ 3 rendering cleanup work, and posted a status report to the gtk-devel-list.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 524
empathy 187
tracker 142
vala 105
ease 71
glib 52
gimp 47
gobject-introspection 38
anjuta 37
evolution 37

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Carlos Garnacho 234 gtk+, tracker
Javier Jardón 181 gtk+
Philip Withnall 125 empathy, folks, libgdata and others
Cosimo Cecchi 83 empathy, nautilus
Luca Bruno 70 vala, gobject-introspection
Benjamin Otte 61 gtk+, gnome-applets, libgnomekbd and others
Guillaume Desmottes 57 empathy, jhbuild
Bruno Brouard 52 evolution, gtk+, epiphany and others
Nate Stedman 51 ease
Alexander Shopov 49 gnome-control-center, gnome-media, gconf and others

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    Thanks for the thousand posts you did to keep us informed about GNOME and GTK+ developement.

    This is an invaluable contributions, that I wait every week and then.

    Bug thanks.

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