Issue 149

August 14, 2011

This week… 1305 commits, in 147 projects, by 196 happy hackers (and 237 were translation commits).

  • David King disabled Ctrl-Alt-Del action in the view-only mode of Vinagre. (GNOME bug 656451)
  • Vincent Untz added support for XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, to be used by non-GNOME consumers of GNOME. (GNOME bug 654041)
  • Eitan Isaacson merged the support GTK+ modules into Caribou. (GNOME bug 655047)
  • In GNOME Disk Utility David Zeuthen added an UI for editing /etc/fstab entries.
  • Lubosz Sarnecki contribued viewer transformation support into Pitivi.
  • GHex has been ported to use GSettings by Kalev Lember.
  • Jakub Steiner and Cosimo Cecchi made various refinements to the Adwaita theme.
  • In pygobject Laszlo Pandy added support for calling functions with keyword arguments in invoke. (GNOME bug 625596)
  • Dan Winship changed libsoup to default to TLS for https connections, and fall back to SSLv3 on failure. (GNOME bug 581342)
  • Luca Bruno switched vala support for libgdata to use introspection data. (GNOME bug 655192)
  • In goffice Jean Bréfort added support for smoothed curve renaming. (GNOME bug 656148)
  • Jasper St. Pierre added invisible borders to Mutter, paving the way for easier grab on thin window borders. (GNOME bug 644930)
  • Philip Withnall ported the MPRIS support of Totem to version 2.1.
  • In folks Travis Reitter added support for vCard-like parameters to a serie of attributes.
  • Murray Cumming made various improvements to the Print Layout support of glom.

Top projects

Project Commits
gobject-introspection 67
pitivi 53
jhbuild 51
glom 51
evolution 43
folks 42
gtk+ 41
cogl 37
evolution-ews 35
pygobject 32

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Murray Cumming 51 glom, goocanvas
Daniel Mustieles 38 evolution, gnome-commander, accerciser and others
Travis Reitter 34 folks
Alexander Shopov 33 orca, nautilus-sendto, gnome-session and others
Vincent Untz 29 libwnck, gnome-session, gnome-menus and others
Robert Bragg 27 cogl, clutter
Colin Walters 26 gnome-shell, jhbuild, gobject-introspection and others
Dan Winship 26 caribou, gobject-introspection, libsoup and others
Milan Crha 25 evolution, evolution-mapi, evolution-data-server and others
Jean-François Fortin Tam 24 pitivi