Issue 162

November 13, 2011

This week… 1767 commits, in 177 projects, by 215 happy hackers (and 201 were translation commits).

  • Aurimas Černius added an option for displaying the gnote status icon in its preferences dialog. (GNOME bug 663817)
  • Hubert Figuière is back hacking on niepce and added support for flagging pictures, as well as importing flags from XMP files.
  • Florian Müllner ported mutter preferences from gconf to GSettings. (GNOME bug 635378)
  • In the udisks2 port of gnome-disk-utility David Zeuthen made a first stab at a “Create Partition” dialog.
  • Nicolas Dufresne work on HW accelerated element landed in clutter-gst.
  • Marc-André Lureau enabled audio support for spice machines in gnome-boxes.
  • In Empathy Danielle Madeley made the GNOME Online Accounts optional again. (GNOME bug 663442)
  • In yelp-xsl Shaun McCance added new about footers for both docbook and mallard documents.
  • Jean Bréfort fixed the rendering of outline levels in gnumeric. (GNOME bug 663663)
  • In libgda Vivien Malerba made GdaHolder thread safe, and implemented the GdaLockable interface.
  • Frank Ziegler contributed configurable browser filters to Banshee.
  • Michael Meeks added some initial support for V7+ websockets to the broadway GTK+ backend.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 274
librsvg 79
clutter 77
gnome-commander 70
glib 57
empathy 55
libgda 43
niepce 42
ostree 41
evolution 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Benjamin Otte 113 gtk+, glib
Christian Persch 74 librsvg, gconf-editor, vte
Emmanuele Bassi 66 clutter, clutter-gtk, gtk+ and others
Daniel Mustieles 65 gedit, anjuta, gnome-system-monitor and others
Piotr Eljasiak 63 gnome-commander
Matthias Clasen 53 gtk+, glib, clutter and others
Colin Walters 50 ostree, gjs, jhbuild and others
Jasper St. Pierre 45 extensions-web, gnome-shell, mutter and others
Alexander Larsson 45 gtk+
Hub Figuiere 41 niepce