Issue 166

December 11, 2011

This week… 1703 commits, in 159 projects, by 210 happy hackers (and 183 were translation commits).

  • Steven Carr introduced support for the VNC audio tunnel extension to gtk-vnc.
  • Bastien Nocera updated gnome-settings-daemon to use libwacom to get tablets metadata.
  • A new “Change Passphrase” dialog was added to gnome-disk-utility by David Zeuthen.
  • Lapo Calamandrei did work on the unfocused windows appearance in gnome-themes-standard.
  • Jasper St. Pierre added a RSS feed to the website.
  • Various client side wayland support updates by Robert Bragg made their way into cogl.
  • Paolo Bacchilega modified gthumb “edit metadata” dialog to allow saving the metadata without closing the dialog.
  • In gnome-boxes Zeeshan Ali made various improvements to the express installation of Fedora and Windows VM. (GNOME bug 665803)
  • In Orca Joanmarie Diggs began work on label inference (aka “label guess”) functionality for WebKitGtk content.
  • Zan Dobersek contributed a fix to gnome-shell to make sure the window labels are visible at all times. (GNOME bug 644861)
  • GMenu* support has landed into GLib.
  • In GTK+ Cosimo Cecchi ported GtkStatusIcon to use GtkIconHelper. (GNOME bug 665409)

Top projects

Project Commits
cogl 143
glib 121
clutter 100
gtk+ 97
gimp 74
tracker 46
glom 41
nautilus-actions 38
evolution-kolab 35
ostree 34

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Matthias Clasen 81 glib, gtk+, byzanz
Robert Bragg 75 cogl, clutter
Neil Roberts 68 cogl
Emmanuele Bassi 61 clutter
Ryan Lortie 58 glib, gtk+, dconf and others
Daniel Mustieles 44 gnome-commander, evolution, gthumb and others
Morten Welinder 40 goffice, libgsf, gnumeric
Murray Cumming 40 glom
Colin Walters 38 ostree, glib, mutter
Jens Georg 35 rygel, gupnp, gssdp and others