Issue 171

January 15, 2012

This week… 1971 commits, in 211 projects, by 183 happy hackers (and 253 were translation commits).

  • Owen Taylor correct memory management for singletons in gjs.
  • In gparted Mike Fleetwood contributed resize support to nilfs2. (GNOME bug 642842)
  • Zeeshan Ali changed gnome-boxes to use floppy image only for Windows express install, switching to emulating a USB drive for other images. (GNOME bug 666956)
  • Christian Persch reimplemented .svgz support into rsvg-view.
  • Federico Mena Quintero merged his docking-stations branch into gnome-settings-daemon, this lets docking stations work better in the light of plugging external monitors.
  • Matthias Clasen added optional systemd support to the user accounts panel of gnome-control-center. (GNOME bug 666573)
  • Milan Crha improved the performance of the addressbook cache of evolution-data-server. (GNOME bug 644817)
  • In gnome-system-monitor Krishnan Parthasarathi contributed a new Process Properties dialog. (GNOME bug 543347)
  • Shaun McCance updated mal2html conversion to reflow grid and 2column links on small screens.
  • In Banshee Olivier Dufour added xesam:userRating field in track metadata. (GNOME bug 665997)
  • Jean Bréfort fixed formula interpretation in plot series in Gnumeric. (GNOME bug 662237)
  • In Epiphany Xan Lopez made the visible name of the application always be ‘Web’. (GNOME bug 666587)
  • Rob Bradford added a basic implementation of GtkClipboard for Wayland into GTK+.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 496
gnome-control-center 104
glib 69
nautilus-actions 56
glom 53
baobab 50
epiphany 49
nautilus 47
clutter 47
gimp 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Benjamin Otte 349 gtk+, glib
Jiro Matsuzawa 78 totem, gnome-control-center, accerciser and others
Bastien Nocera 76 gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, totem and others
Cosimo Cecchi 61 nautilus, gnome-themes-standard, gtk+ and others
Alexander Larsson 48 glib, gtk+, nautilus and others
Pierre Wieser 47 nautilus-actions
Murray Cumming 47 glom, java-libglom, gtk+ and others
Ryan Lortie 46 baobab, gtk+, json-glib and others
Daniel Mustieles 46 gnome-games, glom, nautilus-actions and others
Matthias Clasen 42 gtk+, glib, gnome-control-center and others