Issue 180

March 18, 2012

This week… 2882 commits, in 225 projects, by 292 happy hackers (and 824 were translation commits).

  • Øyvind Kolås added an API for managing palette based formats to babl.
  • Jesse van den Kieboom moved the gedit-code-assistance backends to the peas based plugin system.
  • Johan Dahlin added a PyGTK compatibility layer to pygobject, that module tries quite a bit harder to maintain compatibility with PyGTK, module names, enums, flags and some API. (GNOME bug 653462)
  • In gnome-themes-standard Cosimo Cecchi added the infrastructure to create the High Contrast icon theme from the symbolic icons.
  • Peter Hurley contributed to gnome-panel to add a style class for orientation to menubar, this allows themeing to adjust styling for vertical panels. (GNOME bug 672070)
  • Guillaume Desmottes added a new calendar button in Empathy. (GNOME bug 671981)
  • In gnome-settings-daemon Bastien Nocera changed the behaviour of the logout key to call shutdown. (GNOME bug 671979)
  • In gnome-terminal Christian Persch added handling of GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH, for smooth scrolling.
  • Debarshi Ray changed gnome-online-accounts to hide dialog buttons during the authorization step.
  • Zeeshan Ali modified gnome-boxes wizard to only show ISO files in the file chooser. (GNOME bug 672160)
  • In gnome-color-manager Richard Hughes provided a way for a program to find out if calibration is enabled. (GNOME bug 672028)
  • Bertrand Lorentz implemented SSL certificate validation in Banshee. (GNOME bug 671536)

Top projects

Project Commits
pitivi 291
gimp 246
clutter 149
gtk+ 141
empathy 94
mutter 69
release-notes 68
baobab 67
epiphany 59
gnome-shell 53

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Natterer 164 gimp, gimp-web
Thibault Saunier 129 pitivi
Emmanuele Bassi 126 clutter, gnomeweb-wml
Jean-François Fortin Tam 103 pitivi
Øyvind Kolås 98 gimp, gegl, babl
Timo Jyrinki 58 gnome-terminal, orca, at-spi2-atk and others
Bruce Cowan 48 gtksourceview, gnome-online-accounts, network-manager-applet and others
Nilamdyuti Goswami 45 empathy, evolution, gdl and others
Mathieu Duponchelle 44 pitivi
Daniel Mustieles 44 gnome-user-docs, gnome-devel-docs, gnome-games and others