Issue 182

April 1, 2012

This week… 2870 commits, in 255 projects, by 310 happy hackers (and 635 were translation commits).

  • Jasper St. Pierre imported mustache into extensions-web, to get new template system that will allow to sanely translate the website.
  • In pygobject John Palmieri added a ccallback type which is used to invoke callbacks passed to a vfunc. (GNOME bug 644926)
  • In tomboy Alex Tereschenko added the possibility to work on search results in addition to just one note.
  • Ray Strode dropped the numlock warning from gnome-screensaver unlock dialog. (GNOME bug 662093)
  • Jean Bréfort improved goffice to use a fallback image when the actual image type is not supported.
  • In rhythmbox Jonathan Matthew commited a new more compact header layout, now it has the playback controls, the current track information (including album art), the time display, the position slider, and the volume control on the same line.
  • Christopher Baines fixed gcalctool to stop entering thousands seperators when using a base other than 10.
  • Xan Lopez changed epiphany to always save the session state on Quit.
  • In gnome-documents Florian Müllner made search queries cancellable; to avoid congesting the connection queue, cancel ongoing queries before starting a new one. (GNOME bug 672733)
  • Debarshi Ray added Microsoft Exchange support (using EWS) to gnome-online-accounts.
  • In Cheese Patricia Santana Cruz added a timer when recording a video. (GNOME bug 599729)
  • Erick Pérez Castellanos added webcam support to set new avators in gnome-contacts.
  • Bastien Nocera changed Totem to pass proxy informations to GStreamer elements. (GNOME bug 395429)

Top projects

Project Commits
gnoduino 232
gimp 216
gegl 105
gtk+ 93
evolution 93
epiphany 61
release-notes 60
empathy 59
totem 56
evolution-data-server 56

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Natterer 165 gimp, gegl
Øyvind Kolås 126 gegl, gimp, babl
Zach Eveland 94 gnoduino
David A. Mellis 93 gnoduino
Matthew Barnes 85 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnomeweb-wml and others
Daniel Mustieles 71 file-roller, gnome-user-docs, gthumb and others
Marek Černocký 63 gnome-commander, gtk+, glib and others
Benjamin Otte 62 gtk+
Christian Persch 58 gnome-terminal, aisleriot, gucharmap and others
Jasper St. Pierre 46 extensions-web, gnome-shell, clutter and others