Issue 183

April 8, 2012

This week… 1783 commits, in 181 projects, by 224 happy hackers (and 359 were translation commits).

  • Martin Pitt added support for GFlags properties to pygobject. (GNOME bug 620943)
  • In libsoup Dan Winship fixed some problems with cancelling an asynchronous socket connect operation.
  • Bastien Nocera moved Totem application-wide menu items to a new app menu. (GNOME bug 673098)
  • Philip Withnall added support for resumable uploads and updates to the Documents API in libgdata.
  • In Empathy Laurent Contzen added support for local IP address and port in SIP account settings widget. (GNOME bug 669134)
  • Martin Olsson changed ghex to show file offset in statusbar as 0xOFFSET instead of OFFSET.
  • Neil Roberts added a mechanism for determining GPU driver details to cogl.
  • Owen Taylor changed Mutter not to try to auto-maximize not-maximizable windows. (GNOME bug 673566)
  • Lucian Langa fixed bootloader burning in gnoduino.
  • In gnome-online-accounts Debarshi Ray added D-Bus APIs to enable/disable Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Chat, and Documents. (GNOME bug 657905)
  • Damien Sandras improved the notifications of Ekiga, especially when running under GNOME Shell.
  • In gnumeric Andreas J. Guelzow fixed the properties page of Document Properties dialog. (GNOME bug 673256)
  • Alexander Larsson removed the GTK+ ms-windows engine as it is no longer used for the windows theme anymore.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 205
gimp 142
baobab 108
gegl 106
extensions-web 64
empathy 53
glib 47
frogr 42
orca 37
gnome-games 32

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Benjamin Otte 187 gtk+
Michael Natterer 116 gimp, gegl
Jasper St. Pierre 66 extensions-web, gnome-shell
Øyvind Kolås 55 gegl, gimp, babl
Daniel Mustieles 53 gnome-games, network-manager-openvpn, gnome-devel-docs and others
Matthias Clasen 43 gdm, glib, gtk+ and others
Paolo Borelli 42 baobab, jhbuild
Guillaume Desmottes 40 empathy, jhbuild, glib
Stefano Facchini 40 baobab
Mario Sanchez Prada 39 frogr