Issue 187

May 6, 2012

This week… 2665 commits, in 201 projects, by 227 happy hackers (and 357 were translation commits).

  • Sergey V. Udaltsov removed unneeded xmodmap support from libgnomekbd. (GNOME bug 674874)
  • Ludovic Ferrandis added a Connman based Context Manager to gupnp. (GNOME bug 672998)
  • Christian Persch landed many updates to gnome-terminal, port to GSettings, application menu, and more.
  • Speaking of application menu, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro added one to gstranslator.
  • Perumal Viravan contributed a new documentation for the lightsoff game, using Mallard, of course.
  • In gnome-disk-utility David Zeuthen added a Disk Image Mounter utility, and associated it with ISO files, for easy mounting from Nautilus.
  • Bastien Nocera added a setting to disable middle click pastes in GTK+. (GNOME bug 665243)
  • In orca Joanmarie Diggs began preparations for moving to Python 3.
  • Cosimo Cecchi gave a new GNOME 3 style interface to gnome-font-viewer, complete with an overview and an application menu.
  • Matt McCutchen fixed evolution-data-server to limit accepted bad certificates to the expected hostnames. (GNOME bug 606181)
  • Paolo Borelli added support for the new location of the gtk bookmarks file to gedit.

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 763
gnome-terminal 115
gtk+ 97
ostree 84
gnome-control-center 75
gnome-themes-standard 57
clutter 51
gnome-photos 46
gnome-font-viewer 44
anjuta 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Natterer 624 gimp, gimp-web
Cosimo Cecchi 153 gnome-themes-standard, gnome-font-viewer, sushi and others
Christian Persch 108 gnome-terminal, gtk+, vte and others
Øyvind Kolås 101 gimp, babl, gegl
Colin Walters 82 ostree, gdm
Bastien Nocera 66 gnome-control-center, clutter, gnome-online-accounts and others
Debarshi Ray 50 gnome-photos, gnome-online-accounts
Emmanuele Bassi 48 clutter, perl-Clutter, clutter-gtk and others
Tom Tryfonidis 38 epiphany, gtksourceview, nautilus-sendto and others
Daniel Mustieles 37 gnome-disk-utility, banshee, anjuta and others