Issue 189

May 20, 2012

This week… 1593 commits, in 201 projects, by 233 happy hackers (and 319 were translation commits).

  • In Pitivi Jean-François Fortin Tam merged the ges (GStreamer Editing Services) branch.
  • Xan Lopez added support for Do Not Track into Epiphany.
  • William Jon McCann redesigned gnome-control-center universal access panel for consistency and smallness. (GNOME bug 665588)
  • Florian Müllner added a simple application menu to gucharmap. (GNOME bug 674952)
  • Fabrice Bellet contributed a fix to Vino to use XFixes to provide the correct cursor image. (GNOME bug 492033)
  • Sébastien Wilmet changed gtksourceview to use a GResource for the XML description of its completion UI. (GNOME bug 674643)
  • Joseph Scheuhammer contributed brightness and contrast functionality to gnome-shell magnifier. (GNOME bug 639851)
  • Debarshi Ray updated gnome-online-accounts to set the Accept-Language header, so the Facebook login page appears in the correct language.
  • Danielle Madeley revamped empathy roster window menu, converting it into an application menu.
  • Chenthill Palanisamy added the possibility to send mails through groupwise SOAP protocol to evolution-groupwise.
  • David Zeuthen did various improvements to the gnome-disk-utility SMART dialog.
  • In Evolution Milan Crha added year scrolling to the date picker. (GNOME bug 206484)
  • Craig Keogh added support for a systemmodule tag to JHBuild. (GNOME bug 669554)
  • Alexandre Prokoudine replaced various GIMP filters by GEGL operations.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 108
gimp 74
gnome-control-center 64
gnome-contacts 46
empathy 44
ostree 43
cogl 36
evolution 35
glib 35
pitivi 31

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 75 gtk+, gnome-documents, gnome-themes-standard and others
Alexander Larsson 63 gnome-contacts, gnome-boxes, egg-list-box and others
Colin Walters 55 ostree, glib, gnome-ostree and others
Daniel Mustieles 42 gnome-games, jhbuild, orca and others
Michael Natterer 39 gimp, gegl
Piotr Drąg 38 gnome-nettool, gimp, pitivi and others
Bastien Nocera 34 gnome-control-center, gtk+, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Matthias Clasen 34 gtk+, glib, gnome-control-center and others
Florian Müllner 34 gnome-control-center, gucharmap, gnome-shell and others
Bruno Brouard 30 gsettings-desktop-schemas, gnome-games, evince and others