Issue 207

September 23, 2012

This week… 2841 commits, in 211 projects, by 260 happy hackers (and 1448 were translation commits).

  • Giovanni Campagna’s port of gnome-applets to the new libgweather landed. (GNOME bug 678977)
  • Øyvind Kolås updated gegl color-reduction operation to do the quantization and dithering in gamma space.
  • In Gimp Michael Natterer ported the print and animation-play plugins to GEGL.
  • Jens Georg added the possibility to set arbitrary HTTP headers to grilo. (GNOME bug 680436)
  • In gedit-plugins Ignacio Casal Quinteiro updated the colorpicker plugin to show overlayed an colorbutton when selecting an hex color.
  • In gnome-shell Rui Matos added menu items for IBus Anthy’s InputMode and TypingMode. (GNOME bug 682314)
  • Paolo Bacchilega updated gthumb to save and restore the viewer sidebar state.
  • Benjamin Otte landed CSS animation support into GTK+.
  • Florian Müllner changed mutter to add a sad face in the force-quit dialog. (GNOME bug 684306)
  • Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller ported Transmageddon to Python 3.
  • Paolo Borelli made a first cut of an implementation of “Laps” support in gnome-clocks.
  • Matthias Clasen fixed gnome-control-center to make Enterprise WPA work again.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 186
release-notes 110
gnome-shell 100
gnome-control-center 80
tasque 77
gnome-disk-utility 62
empathy 57
nautilus 57
evolution 53
gnome-boxes 53

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ani Peter 111 file-roller, gnome-boxes, gnome-control-center and others
Rajesh Ranjan 96 gnome-control-center, baobab, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Daniel Mustieles 96 gnome-games, gnome-devel-docs, gnome-panel and others
Benjamin Otte 90 gtk+, baobab
Antonius Riha 77 tasque
Matej Urbančič 55 network-manager-openconnect, evolution-data-server, evolution and others
Carles Ferrando 55 orca, gnome-online-accounts, evolution-data-server and others
Dr.T.Vasudevan 52 evolution, folks, orca and others
Gabor Kelemen 52 gnome-online-accounts, nemiver, gnome-control-center and others
Ask H. Larsen 51 network-manager-applet, libgweather, gtksourceview and others