Issue 211

October 21, 2012

This week… 2002 commits, in 189 projects, by 218 happy hackers (and 382 were translation commits).

  • Bastien Nocera added forward geocoding search (the process of turning an address into a latitude and longitude) to geoclue-glib.
  • Carlos Garcia Campos switched devhelp to use WebKit 2 by default.
  • Parag Nemade added a single default ibus engine for Indic locales to gnome-settings-daemon keyboard plugin. (GNOME bug 685954)
  • In orca Joanmarie Diggs added a fix for braille email address auto completions in Thunderbird.
  • In gdm Tim Lunn contributed a fix for shutdown and restart on ConsoleKit systems. (GNOME bug 686125)
  • Cosimo Cecchi changed Nautilus bookmarks handling to avoid synchronous I/O.
  • David Zeuthen updated gnome-disk-utility to use libdvdcss, if available, for creating images of DVDs.
  • Rob Bradford ported cogl to the new Wayland protocol.
  • Kai Willadsen fixed meld to correctly handle metadata-only changes in Git. (GNOME bug 655315)
  • Xan Lopez fixed epiphany so it doesn’t automatically download embedded objects. (GNOME bug 683635)
  • Michael Hill updated the gnome help in gnome-user-docs to reflect the removal of mode switch.
  • Debarshi Ray added ownCloud support to gnome-online-accounts. (GNOME bug 660573)
  • In gnumeric Morten Welinder improved the speed of saving large sheets as ODS file, also reducing file size along the way.
  • Robert Ancell landed the Vala part of gcalctool. (GNOME bug 640685)

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 94
mutter 91
nautilus 88
vala 65
glib 56
lasem 53
gnome-shell 50
gnome-online-accounts 46
tasque 46
gcompris 43

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 120 nautilus, gtk+, gnome-documents and others
Matej Urbančič 68 gcompris, gnome-control-center, evolution-data-server and others
Emmanuel Pacaud 60 lasem, aravis
Carlos Garnacho 60 mutter
Matthias Clasen 57 gtk+, glib, gnome-initial-setup and others
Daniel Mustieles 53 gimp-help-2, gnome-devel-docs, gcompris and others
Luca Bruno 49 vala
Antonius Riha 46 tasque
Jasper St. Pierre 44 gnome-initial-setup, extensions-web, gnome-shell and others
Bastien Nocera 39 geocode-glib, gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon and others