Issue 6

November 16, 2008

This week… 1363 commits, in 162 projects, by 184 happy hackers (and 164 were translation commits).

  • The getting-rid-of-libgnome-and-gnome-vfs quest continues with Ekiga losing its dependency on libgnome and Anjuta removing some gnome-vfs usage
  • Matthias Clasen added lockdown support in the gnome-settings-daemon keybinding plugin (GNOME bug 553434)
  • In rhythmbox Christophe Fergeau switched several g_timeout_add to g_timeout_add_seconds so it wakes up the CPU less often; and Bastien Nocera added detection of the new PSP-3000
  • Bedhad Esfahbod added pangocairo backend to vte, and made it the default; it is as fast as the xft backend.
  • NetworkManager got support for PKCS#12 private keys
  • Evince got support for PDF layers (but it doesn’t seem like such support has been merged in poppler yet)
  • Murray Cumming created, to host project pages that were on; he posted to devel-announce to explain the motivation and implications
  • Finally, in GTK+-land, Michael Natterer added the new orientation API to GtkRange

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 93
gobject-introspection 56
empathy 55
seed 52
ooo-build 49
gegl 47
ekiga 43
jhbuild 37
rhythmbox 32
banshee 31

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 53 gnome-devel-docs, gnome-games, damned-lies and others
Xavier Claessens 49 empathy
Sven Neumann 46 gimp, gegl
Øyvind Kolås 40 gegl, gimp
Murray Cumming 33 gtkmm, gnomeweb-wml, pangomm and others
William Jon McCann 33 gnome-media, gnome-screensaver, jhbuild
Robert Carr 32 seed, gir-repository
Owen Taylor 28 gobject-introspection, gjs, gnome-shell and others
Johan Dahlin 28 gobject-introspection, gir-repository, gjs
Colin Walters 27 gobject-introspection, gnome-shell, java-gobject-introspection and others

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