Issue 10

December 14, 2008

This week… 1123 commits, in 144 projects, by 154 happy hackers (and 120 were translation commits).

  • Ted Gould posted about gtk_timeout_add_seconds and a few modules (anjuta, ekiga, totem, libbonobo, libegg, brasero) already got fixes.
  • Niepce Digital got imported in subversion repository.
  • Xan Lopez added support for the WebKit web inspector in Epiphany (and Robert Carr did the same thing for seed minibrowser).
  • Vincent Untz got back hacking on gnome-panel, removal of libgnomeui and deprecated API usage, single include, bug fixes and stuff.
  • vino added correct support for IPv4 mapped IPv6, and added a new feature to able to set the network interface to listen on (GNOME bug 403183).
  • gvfs got a new trash backend written by Ryan Lortie.
  • Nautilus gained the possibility to call PackageKit to install applications for for unsupported mime types.
  • German Poo-Caamano gave some love to gnome-nettool (portability fixes, better accessibility support, and other fixes and enhancements).
  • gtkhtml got improved smileys (toolbar to insert them, obedience to the icon naming specification; screenshots are available in GNOME bug 563841.
  • Also, Przemysław Grzegorczyk wrote a lot of patches to clean up GLib and GTK+ includes, see GNOME bug 563413. This earned him a Subversion account.

Top projects

Project Commits
ooo-build 82
gnome-panel 54
gtk+ 43
evolution 38
seed 35
tracker 30
totem 26
glom 24
gnome-scan 23
empathy 22

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Vincent Untz 60 gnome-panel, gnome-session, gnome-desktop and others
Murray Cumming 39 glom, gnomemm, bakery and others
Dan Williams 38 network-manager-applet, NetworkManager, gnomeweb-wml and others
Matthias Clasen 37 gtk+, glib, gnome-media
Bastien Nocera 34 totem, totem-pl-parser, gvfs and others
Rene Engelhard 27 ooo-build
Yair Hershkovitz 26 gconf, glib, libgweather and others
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle 25 evince, gnome-packagekit, monkey-bubble and others
Étienne Bersac 24 gnome-scan, gegl
Robert Carr 22 seed

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  1. bkor Says:

    Also, Przemysław Grzegorczyk wrote a lot of patches to clean up GLib and GTK+ includes, see bug 563413. This earned him a SVN account.

  2. fredp Says:

    Thanks Olav; I added it.

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