Issue 12

December 28, 2008

This week… 1027 commits, in 147 projects, by 132 happy hackers (and 123 were translation commits).

  • After support for icons has been added in GTK+ last week (and I forgot to note it), Matthias Clasen added a section in the documentation on porting from SexyIconEntry.
  • libgnome dependency got removed from sound-juicer, libgnome/libgnomeui from gfloppy, and bonobo from the Anjuta toolbar.
  • Nemiver variable inspector widget now remember history of the variables. (GNOME bug 536259)
  • Evince got its printing system reworked, making the GUI responsive during printing, with progress information. (GNOME bug 482770)
  • The system log viewer in gnome-utils has been rewritten by Cosimo Cecchi.
  • Metacity got the “Maximize” shortcut to act as “Restore” for maximised windows.
  • Epiphany/gecko got some Gecko 1.9.1 fixes, and Epiphany/webkit can now open new links in new tabs thanks to the new Policy Decision system in WebKit.
  • The new GNOME Volume Control got a few alert sounds (bark, drip, glass and sonar).
  • Rhythmbox switched to a normal GtkTooltip, rather than a custom arrangement of widgets in a SexyTooltip

Top projects

Project Commits
gnome-utils 155
gedit 64
ooo-build 42
rygel 40
seed 39
gtk+ 33
gnome-scan 33
tasque 27
gthumb 24
gnomemm 24

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 150 gnome-utils, gfloppy
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 46 gnome-utils, library-web, ekiga and others
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 44 gedit, evolution
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 40 rygel
√Čtienne Bersac 34 gnome-scan, vala
Tim Horton 31 seed
Sanford Armstrong 24 tasque, tomboy
Matthias Clasen 23 gtk+
Michael J. Chudobiak 23 gthumb
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle 21 gtksourceview, gtranslator, gnome-panel and others