Issue 13

January 4, 2009

This week… 1171 commits, in 146 projects, by 141 happy hackers (and 236 were translation commits).

  • gedit got an internal message bus to let its plugins communicate.
  • Epiphany updated from its own EphySearchEntry and EphyIconEntry to GtkEntry, it also uses the new “progress in entry” support to draw progress in the location bar.
  • gconftool got a new –toggle option, to toggle a boolean key.
  • gossip removed libgnomeui and libgnomevfs, and started to use libcanberra-gtk for sound support.
  • Jonathan Matthew added some basic window management effects to gnome-shell. (GNOME bug 563844)
  • A new version of (damned-lies) went live, merging in the Vertimus translation tool that was already used by some teams. (announce).
  • A low diskspace checker has been added to the housekeeping plugin of gnome-settings-daemon. (GNOME bug 557647)
  • gnome-build that was a standalone module but only used by anjuta has been merged in anjuta.
  • GtkEntry Caps Lock warning mode switched to using an icon.
  • seed got a 0.3 (and 0.3.1) release and Robert Carr sent a summary of what happened since 0.1.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 106
gedit 69
seed 67
damned-lies 51
evolution 48
ooo-build 45
gimp 42
anjuta 33
sawfish 25
gegl 24

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Matthias Clasen 103 gtk+, glib, jhbuild and others
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 56 balsa, damned-lies, gimp and others
Tim Horton 47 seed
Jesse van den Kieboom 43 gedit, gedit-plugins
Kohei Yoshida 35 ooo-build
Christopher Bratusek 35 sawfish, rep-gtk, librep
Daniel Nylander 30 gimp-help-2, damned-lies, gtk+ and others
Claude Paroz 27 damned-lies, anjuta, gnome-main-menu and others
Sven Neumann 27 gimp, gimp-web, gegl and others
Andre Klapper 26 evolution, gnome-packagekit, dasher and others

2 Responses to “Issue 13”

  1. Gus Says:

    Dude! I love the commit logs! I used to follow the release notes on the big pre-releases, but they’ve become a bit scarce in the last couple of years.

    This is awesome. Great work.

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