Issue 22

March 8, 2009

This week… 2186 commits, in 244 projects, by 204 happy hackers (and 804 were translation commits).

  • Translators are again working hard; Brazilian Portuguese reached 100%, and there are four languages already at 99.9%. Italian jumped from 95.2% to 99.2% thanks in part to Milo Casagrande getting granted a subversion account (welcome!). Estonian and Tamil both reached the 80% mark, there is now 41 languages over it. Noteworthy is also the Oriya team, that increased its score by six points (that’s more than 2500 strings translated in a single week), now at 59.9%.
  • Metacity title bars will now include “(as username)” for windows running as another user; this was discussed in a squib of the day (GNOME bug 549389).
  • Alexander Larsson fixed many issues in gvfs and gio.
  • Empathy logging support got more robust with the merge of Jonny Lamb log-manager branch. (GNOME bug 538293, GNOME bug 549284)
  • A new card set, created by Frederik Elwert and using the Tango style, has been added (in gnome-games-extra-data).
  • Epiphany and WebKit/GTK+ are again very active, with for example the addition of basic download support. (GNOME bug 570735)
  • In GTK+ the drawing of progress in entries was improved, notably so that the progress is drawn behind icons.
  • Brian Cameron added a Sound Theme tab to the old gst-mixer, for people that can’t use PulseAudio; he also applied a few lying patches.
  • moserial, a clean serial terminal, got imported in GNOME subversion repository.

Top projects

Project Commits
gpointing-device-settings 107
empathy 87
ooo-build 67
gtk+ 58
totem 52
gnome-bluetooth 52
gimp 43
gnome-media 41
meld 40
tracker 39

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Hiroyuki Ikezoe 106 gpointing-device-settings
Manoj Kumar Giri 85 brasero, gtksourceview, evolution and others
Xavier Claessens (with commits from Jonny Lamb, Sjoerd Simons) 75 empathy
Bastien Nocera 55 gnome-bluetooth, totem, totem-pl-parser and others
Milo Casagrande 55 gnome-system-tools, seahorse, gnome-control-center and others
Krishnababu Krothapalli 51 epiphany, gnome-netstatus, gnome-applets and others
Daniel Nylander 51 glade3, gnome-bluetooth, gtk+ and others
Gabor Keleman 45 gedit, ekiga, gthumb and others
Alexander Larsson 44 gvfs, nautilus, glib and others
Claude Paroz 43 damned-lies, gimp, totem and others