Issue 33

May 24, 2009

This week… 2349 commits, in 189 projects, by 255 happy hackers (and 298 were translation commits).

  • John Carr published his syncml branch of conduit, adding SyncML support for contacts and calendar items.
  • Gnumeric got support for more styles in its ODF export (cell, paragraph and text styles).
  • Niepce Digital got an initial UI shell and basic gphoto support.
  • krb5-auth-dialog added a gconf key to disable its notifications.
  • f-spot date range dialog got ported from libglade to gtkbuilder; rhythmbox also replaced libglade by gtkbuilder.
  • The graph component in goffice gained support for formatted editing of graph limits that are dates and times. (GNOME bug 574681)
  • Evolution search bar got improved, to more closely resemble Firefox. (GNOME bug 580925)
  • Rhythmbox status icon has been made into a plugin, with additional capabilities, some aspects of the status icon and the notification popups are now a bit more configurable.
  • Willie Walker continued his numerous improvements to the speech generator in Orca, porting Pidgin, Gecko and Thunderbird to the new generator.
  • In gnome-utils gsearchtool got rid of its libgnomeui usage. (GNOME bug 573670)
  • Brasero gained the possibility to span data across several media. (GNOME bug 438858)

Top projects

Project Commits
conduit 231
empathy 159
jhbuild 97
pango 91
evolution 70
tracker 66
orca 64
ekiga 53
glib 52
gedit 52

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
John Carr 244 conduit, jhbuild, gnome-desktop-testing
Guillaume Desmottes 110 empathy
Behdad Esfahbod 91 pango
Jorge Gonzalez 71 evolution, seahorse, libgdata and others
Frederic Peters 52 jhbuild, vte, viewcvs-web and others
Willie Walker 52 orca
Sandy Armstrong 51 tomboy, snowy
Matthew Barnes 48 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnomeweb-wml and others
Morten Welinder 40 gnumeric, goffice, libgsf and others
drtvasudevan 40 empathy, brasero, system-tools-backends-clone and others