Issue 35

June 7, 2009

This week… 1950 commits, in 167 projects, by 242 happy hackers (and 218 were translation commits).

  • Banshee gained a “shuffle by album” option (GNOME bug 348582)
  • Epiphany support for Python extensions has been removed, the supported language for extensions other than C/C++ is now JavaScript through Seed.
  • Support for publishing geolocation information has been merged into Empathy (GNOME bug 571666)
  • Milan Crha added a folder emblem to show new mail arrivals to Evolution (GNOME bug 323037); also Evolution dropped support for CDE (GNOME bug 582939).
  • Support for the JPEG 2000 image format has been added to Gimp (GNOME bug 111409)
  • GTK+ gained a new GtkInfoBar widget, similar to GeditMessageArea and similar widgets in Firefox. Its API is inspired by GtkDialog, with a content area and an action area. The message area uses symbolic colors for different background colors for warnings, errors, informational messages, etc. (GNOME bug 555344)
  • Rhythmbox track change notification bubbles gained a “Skip” button (GNOME bug 331272)
  • Shaun McCance created a new “mallard” branch for Yelp, to add support for the new Mallard document format.
  • Christian Persch made a few HIG improvements to the NetworkManager connection editor (GNOME bug 584223)
  • JHBuild GUI was rewritten to be totally awesome (and to not require libglade).
  • PyBank, the bindings for GIRepository, got handling of structs as return values.
  • Most importantly, Anjuta splash screen got rewritten from the obsolete libgnomecanvas to straight cairo (GNOME bug 571740).

Top projects

Project Commits
empathy 277
jhbuild 102
network-manager-applet 85
evolution 63
evolution-data-server 61
rygel 53
tracker 53
gnome-games 47
rhythmbox 46
pybank 44

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 149 empathy
Christian Persch 94 network-manager-applet, gnome-games, nautilus and others
Frederic Peters 80 jhbuild, gnomefr-web, library-web
Jonny Lamb 65 empathy
Jorge Gonzalez 50 evolution, gnome-bluetooth, empathy and others
Pierre-Luc Beaudoin 49 empathy
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 47 rygel, vala, jhbuild
Tomeu Vizoso 45 pybank, hippo-canvas
Matthew Barnes 35 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-video-arcade and others
Ross Burton 33 evolution-data-server

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