Issue 37

June 21, 2009

This week… 2062 commits, in 182 projects, by 247 happy hackers (and 281 were translation commits).

  • In the “content-sniffing” branch, Gustavo Noronha Silva started to implement content sniffing in libsoup, including the HTML5 algorithm that sniffs content served as “text/plain” by web servers.
  • Hubert Figuiere fixed a bug when printing date/tome values with 0 micro-second, making gnote timestamps compatible with tomboy. (GNOME bug 581844)
  • File Roller gained support for lzip and xz compression formats (GNOME bug 579467, GNOME bug 582237).
  • The “Palimpset” Disk Utility now uses the new GtkInfoBar to show job progress, there are two screenshots available ((1) and (2)).
  • Stefan Walter started working on a DBus API to gnome-keyring secrets, it is currently developed in the “dbus-api” branch.
  • Shaun McCance merged Mallard support into both Yelp and gnome-doc-utils.
  • GTK+ gained support for special icons for XDG user dirs, this will allow themes to provide different icons for the Documents, Downloads, Music… folders. (GNOME bug 541276)
  • Paul Cutler applied a serie of patches to GNOME User Docs (both User Guide and Accessibility Guide), fixing typos and updating them to match the current desktop reality.
  • Rhythmbox command line control program (rhythmbox-client) got support for song rating. (GNOME bug 583108)
  • Support for touchpad parameters has been added to gnome-settings-daemon (GNOME bug 578444), it still needs a matching patch to be applied in the control center to have a new Touchpad tab in the Mouse Preferences (GNOME bug 154029)

Top projects

Project Commits
f-spot 123
gnome-bluetooth 66
conduit 62
libchamplain 59
gnumeric 55
empathy 54
gtk+ 53
tracker 47
evolution 45
glib 43

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Stephane Delcroix 73 f-spot
John Carr 65 conduit, jhbuild
Bastien Nocera 59 gnome-bluetooth, totem-pl-parser, nautilus-sendto
Morten Welinder 54 gnumeric, gnomeweb-wml, goffice and others
Matthias Clasen 50 gtk+, glib, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Richard Hughes 47 gnome-power-manager, gnome-packagekit
Emmanuel Rodriguez 43 libchamplain
Runa Bhattacharjee 38 gtksourceview, gnome-utils, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Toms Bauń£is 33 hamster-applet
Alexander Larsson 32 gvfs, glib, gtk+ and others

3 Responses to “Issue 37”

  1. awalton Says:

    2060 commits, in 182 projects, by 247 happy hackers (and 2060 were translation commits).

    Hmm, every single commit this week was a translation commit? Think maybe the script is b0rked…

  2. Vasanth Says:

    I had few ideas regarding Recent documents in Gnome shell and wasn’t aware of the place to post it. Considering that this is Gnome related blog, I am posting the ideas here.

    Recent Documents
    Currently the Recent Documents Displays the last few accessed files. I was hoping that this could be more useful with few features.

    1) A drop down arrow Next to the Title ” Recent Documents” and that the data in the drop down menu contains Classifications / Categories of files. For example Documents, Music, Videos, System Files, Configurations Files and so on. This categories can be decided based on the commonly used file categories. Generally the user will view the last few accessed files in a Normal Recent Documents View. When he selects the Category in the Drop Down Arrow, then the last 5-10 files accessed in that Category will be displayed. For example, if the user selects Music from the drop down arrow, then last few accessed Music files will be displayed and like that.

    2) Also a small hyper-link can be show below each file in Recent Documents stating “Check for Similar Recently used files”. When clicked the last few accessed files of similar types will be displayed.

    3) A privacy mechanism for Recent Documents. Say a Context Menu added to each file stating “Open Privately”(or Something that makes sense). When a file is opened through this mode, the file should not be included in the Recent Documents Item. Also a short-cut can be added to open in Private mode, say like Ctrl+Enter or other key combination.

  3. fredp Says:

    @Andrew: thanks for noticing this, the format of commit messages suddenly changed and I missed it.

    @Vasanth: you should post to the gnome-shell mailing list (see )

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