Issue 38

June 28, 2009

This week… 1811 commits, in 183 projects, by 217 happy hackers (and 226 were translation commits).

  • Evince was changed to output straight PDF for printers supporting PDF natively. (GNOME bug 585442)
  • Evolution gained an inline view of application/mbox attachments. (GNOME bug 464131)
  • A problem with RSA key size that were not a multiple of 8 has been fixed in gnome-keyring. (GNOME bug 576700)
  • A new theme, Moblesse, has been added to the experimental GTK+ CSS theme engine.
  • Milan Crha fixed several issues and improved the performance of the evolution-data-server CalDAV backend.
  • Philippe Rouquier commited a new layout for the Brasero user interface: the medium selector is still inside the main window and on clicking burn a dialog appears to set the session burning options
  • In both libgoffice and gnumeric Andreas J. Guelzow improved Open Document Format support (number style output, scientific number output, time and date styles, import of currency symbols, and much more).
  • F-Spot Adjust Time dialog, and gnome-session windows, have been ported from libglade to GtkBuilder.
  • A Python binding for libbrasero-burn has been added to gnome-python-desktop.
  • As explained in his Data about Data weblog post, Alexander Larsson added metadata support in gvfs, and already made Nautilus use it.
  • Empathy has been updated to use gnome-session instead of gnome-screensaver to know when the session is idle.
  • Benjamin Otte did some research on the GTK+ file chooser performance
    (explained in a tale of waiting message in the
    gtk-devel-list, be sure to also read the followup messages), and pushed a new “filesystemmodel” branch to publicize his work.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 84
f-spot 80
empathy 77
tracker 74
pitivi 69
rygel 66
gnome-games 60
brasero 57
gvfs 52
orca 47

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Alexander Larsson 72 gvfs, gtk+, glib and others
Stephane Delcroix 62 f-spot
Philippe Rouquier 54 brasero
Jens Georg 47 rygel
Benjamin Otte 46 gtk+, gvfs, glib
Jürg Billeter 41 tracker, vala
Guillaume Desmottes 40 empathy
Matthias Clasen 38 gtk+, glib, empathy
Jorge Gonzalez 37 gnome-games, krb5-auth-dialog, gnome-panel and others
Willie Walker 35 orca

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  1. Matt Says:

    Wow, I just discovered this; it’s awesome! I didn’t know there was so much going on in GNOME development. This will help me to know about new Gtk features. :)
    Thanks for doing the … digesting. :)

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