Issue 45

August 17, 2009

This week… 2799 commits, in 207 projects, by 314 happy hackers (and 707 were translation commits).

  • Nautilus has been changed to inhibit gnome-power-manager when copying files (GNOME bug 334806).
  • Simon van der Linden landed much of his summer of code work on pybank (using gobject-introspection to create dynamic Python bindings to gobject libraries) in the gsco2009 branch.
  • GConf has removed its libgnome dependency (which was casued by a test client) (GNOME bug 586435), and was ported to the PolicyKit 1.0 API (GNOME bug 585303).
  • Benjamin Otte ported byzanz (screencast tool) from gnome-vfs to gio, and from gdk to cairo.
  • Thanks to a change in libgweather it is now possible to add an UTC time entry to the clock applet. (GNOME bug 541145)
  • Jean Bréfort added a new cairo-based canvas to goffice, to be used in Gnumeric, to replace foocanvas.
  • Every little part of gnome-panel has been ported to GtkBuilder.
  • The gvfs gphoto2 backend and monitor were ported to gudev.
  • Most of the C++ bindings were transitioned to a new build infrastructure, using the new mm-common module.
  • In Yelp Shaun McCance added the possibility for ghelp: URIs to reference Mallard documents.
  • And an all-new Mallard documentation, mostly written by Milo Casagrande and Phil Bull, has been merged into Empathy.
  • Dan Winship ported SoupAddress to use GResolver, new in the latest GLib.
  • Finally Matthew Barnes added support for “Fifth Sunday *of the month*” to Evolution (in his kill-bonobo branch) (and it also works for other weekdays!) (GNOME bug 328361).

Top projects

Project Commits
pygobject 173
evolution 149
tracker 110
empathy 93
gnome-shell 77
f-spot 71
pango 68
gimp 61
cheese 60
gnome-panel 54

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Simon van der Linden 168 pygobject, gobject-introspection
Jorge González 90 empathy, evolution, gnome-disk-utility and others
Daniel Elstner 89 glibmm, mm-common, pangomm and others
Jürg Billeter 84 tracker, vala
Behdad Esfahbod 68 pango, gnome-panel, vte
Antón Méixome 68 vinagre, glib, orca and others
Frederic Peters 48 empathy, jhbuild, library-web and others
Seán de Búrca 47 evolution, evolution-data-server, ekiga and others
Vincent Untz 42 gnome-panel, libgweather, pessulus and others
Filippo Argiolas 42 cheese, gnomeweb-wml

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