Issue 49

September 13, 2009

This week… 2529 commits, in 212 projects, by 272 happy hackers (and 838 were translation commits).

  • We are approaching the 2.28.0 release and with freezes in place translators are now the heavy contributors, highlights of this week are the Serbian and Catalan teams, increasing their completion status by over five percents, and the Portuguese and Spanish teams, achieving 100% translated strings for the UI.
  • A new “Auto DJ” feature has been contributed to Banshee, it will add new randomly selected tracks to the play queue when it gets empty (GNOME bug 565767)
  • Kupfer, a simple launcher in the style of Gnome Do, added a new Calculator plugin and a new “Rename To…” action.
  • Vincent Untz updated gnome-menus and gnome-panel to work with the new X-GNOME-FullName .desktop key.
  • Rygel added support for publishing thumbnails of media items. (GNOME bug 590702)
  • Alexander Larsson did some GObject performance work (in the glib gobject-performance branch), improving the speed of instance creation for classes that do not have properties, and the interface lookup algorithm.
  • Brasero got a new “introspection” branch where support for gobject introspection is developed.
  • The display order of files in Eye of GNOME, that was broken for some locales, has been fixed by Felix Riemann. (GNOME bug 594403)
  • The adblock Epiphany extension has been updated to work with Epiphany/webkit, Xan Lopez blogged this and other Epiphany features. (GNOME bug 562762)

Top projects

Project Commits
kupfer 124
tracker 112
vte 63
gimp 61
brasero 59
glib 58
epiphany 54
gtk+ 53
evolution 53
rygel 45

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ulrik Sverdrup 123 kupfer
Behdad Esfahbod 68 vte, pango
Vincent Untz 57 gnome-menus, foundation-web, gnome-panel and others
Daniel Elstner 54 mm-common, gtkmm-documentation, glibmm and others
Alexander Larsson 54 glib, nautilus, gvfs and others
Philip Withnall 51 evolution-data-server, empathy, totem and others
Gabor Kelemen 48 ekiga, gnome-nettool, gnome-system-tools and others
Philippe Rouquier 47 brasero
Martyn Russell 47 tracker
Kostas Papadimas 46 deskbar-applet, brasero, epiphany and others