Issue 55

October 25, 2009

This week… 1781 commits, in 178 projects, by 250 happy hackers (and 298 were translation commits).

  • A fullscreen mode has been added to xchat-gnome (GNOME bug 445638).
  • Jonh Wendell added the ability to use JPEG compression (thus lossy encoding) to vinagre. (GNOME bug 573272)
  • Evince has been changed to always use a different process for every document.
  • Eog got support for animated images, it plays animated images as supported by GdkPixbufAnimation (GNOME bug 335093).
  • gnome-pilot was ported to GtkBuilder, and removed most of its usage of libgnomeui.
  • Empathy removed its applets (megaphone, nothere) and Python bindings of libempathy and libempathy-gtk, on the premise they were unused and applications should use telepathy-glib, and a future telepathy-gtk, via gobject-introspection.
  • Colin Walters updated the GNOME Shell to use a stable ordering for well-known icons in the notification area (volume, battery, network…). (GNOME bug 598313)
  • Brasero got changed to no longer store some settings with GConf anymore (like window size or position of widgets) but to save and load them using GKeyFile instead.
  • Thomas Thurman worked quite a lot on the “cowbell” metacity branch, to allow styling of window borders using CSS, he also posted a status update.
  • Ray Strode made DeviceKit-power optional in gdm.
  • GNOME Disk Utility got handling of LUKS volumes.
  • Martyn Rucell updated the Totem tracker plugin to the new (0.7) tracker API.
  • Paolo Bacchilega added PackageKit support to File Roller, so it will now prompt for new packages when opening archives that require an uninstalled tool.

Top projects

Project Commits
gdm 171
empathy 134
gtk+ 97
rygel 74
metacity 73
brasero 72
kupfer 47
gnome-commander 37
gimp 34
libgda 32

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ray Strode 159 gdm, metacity
Guillaume Desmottes 86 empathy
Thomas Thurman 67 metacity
Philippe Rouquier 56 brasero
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 48 rygel
Piotr Eljasiak 35 gnome-commander
Matthew Barnes 34 evolution, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and others
Vivien Malerba 32 libgda
Ulrik Sverdrup 31 kupfer
Jens Georg 26 rygel