Issue 57

November 8, 2009

This week… 2027 commits, in 180 projects, by 252 happy hackers (and 403 were translation commits).

  • Totem got (on-disk) buffering support for downloads, Bastien Nocera blogged about it: No more stuttering.
  • The gvfs webdav backend has been changed to remember cookies while it’s running.
  • Carlos Garnocho made the SPARQL API of Tracker fully asynchronous.
  • Postr (the GNOME Flickr Uploader) has been improved to allow direct editing of title and description, when double clicking (or pressing the Return key) on the photo. (GNOME bug 562162)
  • Xavier Claessens added support for some IRC slash commands to Empathy, the currently supported commands are /clear, /topic, /join, /query and /msg. (GNOME bug 573407)
  • Also in Empathy Guillaume Desmottes added the display of an error message when codec negotation fails. (GNOME bug 581789)
  • The GNOME screensaver got a D-Bus method to show a message on the locked screen, to be used for notification of auto logout.
  • In GNOME Shell Dan Winship started a message-tray branch, with some minimal Telepathy support, it has a notification popup for messages and avatar icons.
  • Brasero got gobject introspection support for its libraries. (GNOME bug 589073)
  • libsoup has been fixed to not change HEAD to GET on 303 redirect.
  • A new Google Translate plugin has been added to Kupfer (the command tool inspired by Quicksilver).

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 206 ¹
empathy 157
gedit 116 ¹
gnome-color-manager 109
banshee 94
kupfer 61
brasero 60
gtk+ 58
evolution 57
postr 44

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Steve Frécinaux 95 ¹ gedit, gnome-shell
Richard Hughes 92 gnome-color-manager, gnomeweb-wml, gnome-packagekit
Jorge González 88 evolution, brasero, epiphany and others
Gabriel Burt 72 banshee
Adrien Bustany 70 ¹ tracker
Jonny Lamb 63 empathy
Guillaume Desmottes 52 empathy, jhbuild
Ulrik Sverdrup 50 kupfer
Martyn Russell 49 tracker
Paolo Bacchilega 47 gthumb, file-roller, goobox

¹: actually this commit count is wrong as the same branch is created and deleted several times, to get rebased, changing the commit identifiers along the way.