Issue 68

January 24, 2010

This week… 1900 commits, in 191 projects, by 249 happy hackers (and 339 were translation commits).

  • Epiphany now has page cache enabled, as all critical bugs have been fixed and it now needs real world testing.
  • Huzaifa S. Sidhpurwala added TLS-Remote support to the NetworkManager OpenVPN plugin. (GNOME bug 455142)
  • Cheese has been changed to limit webcam framerate to 30 frames per second, as the developers really do not want webcams that claim to support huge framerates to slow down everything. (GNOME bug 607238)
  • Enrico Minack updated the Invest applet to connect to NetworkManager to react on network changes. (GNOME bug 605739)
  • GNOME Color Manager gained the ability to find and select ICC profiles on mounted volumes from other operating systems (both Mac OS X and Windows). (GNOME bug 607390)
  • Jesse van den Kieboom fixed bugs in the smart converter encoding guessing of gedit and added test cases.
  • The GNOME Disk Utility got drive emblems, used to mark RAID and LVM2 “drives”.
  • A new workspaces view, matching latest design has been commited to the GNOME Shell, the default workspace view is now a scrollable horizontal list, with a control to switch between it and the previous grid view. (GNOME bug 593844)
  • Toms Baugis added the possibility for Hamster to run as a standalone application, instead of being a panel applet.
  • The accounts dialog of Empathy gained an extra column in the treeview displaying the status of each account (GNOME bug 605309).

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 202
hamster-applet 104
banshee 83
tracker 82
empathy 54
gedit 46
evolution 44
kupfer 43
glib 42
accounts-dialog 36

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Toms Bauģis 90 hamster-applet, billreminder
Christian Dywan 81 gtk+
Javier Jardón 73 gtk+, giggle, empathy and others
Aaron Bockover 41 banshee
Ryan Lortie 39 glib, gtk-doc
Richard Hughes 37 gnome-color-manager, gnome-power-manager, gnome-packagekit and others
Matthias Clasen 37 accounts-dialog, gtk+, metacity and others
Kjartan Maraas 36 evolution, gtk+, accounts-dialog and others
Paul Cutler 34 tomboy, banshee, gnome-applets
Andrej Žnidaršič 32 glom, gnome-color-manager, tracker and others