Issue 72

February 21, 2010

This week… 2115 commits, in 218 projects, by 260 happy hackers (and 629 were translation commits).

  • Colin Walters optmized function invocation in gjs (GNOME bug 604076).
  • Also in gjs, Johan Dahlin pushed the beginning of a module wrapping cairo.
  • In GNOME Shell Floran Müllner added fading out of the desktop icons when showing the overview. (GNOME bug 600999)
  • Gnumeric got a fix on the way it uses to store floading point values in ODF. (GNOME bug 610372)
  • Tomas Bzatek fixed gvfs to correctly store ssh/sftp passwords in the keyring, when requested. (GNOME bug 580024)
  • gparted has been changed to indicate required software packages if unable to read file system (GNOME bug 576908)
  • gcalctool documentation has been rewritten in the new Mallard format.
  • Rygel has been updated to support uploading, this works in both standalone and Tracker backends.
  • Lapo Calamamandrei added the last two missing navigation icons (home and jump) to the new GNOME Icon Theme.
  • Kupfer got a plugin that makes it able to look inside compressed archives.
  • Alexander Kojevnikov implemented support for the media art storage specification to Banshee (to be honest, a simplified version of the proposal). (GNOME bug 520516)

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 178
gimp 117
nautilus-actions 107
gnome-color-manager 73
rygel 58
empathy 54
banshee 49
gthumb 43
kupfer 42
gnome-shell 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Jorge González 140 gnome-color-manager, empathy, gcalctool and others
Pierre Wieser 102 nautilus-actions
Fran Diéguez 95 gvfs, empathy, gnome-keyring and others
Michael Natterer 83 gimp, gegl, gtk+
Richard Hughes 55 gnome-color-manager, gnome-packagekit, gnome-power-manager and others
Mario Blättermann 55 kupfer, gnome-games, damned-lies and others
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 54 rygel
vasudeven 47 gnome-packagekit, libgweather, metacity and others
Jürg Billeter 46 tracker, vala
Philip Van Hoof 45 tracker