Issue 73

February 28, 2010

This week… 2327 commits, in 209 projects, by 299 happy hackers (and 739 were translation commits).

  • libgda got initial support for GObject Introspection, thanks to Daniel Espinosa.
  • Empathy conversation logger can now be run as a separate process (GNOME bug 518414)
  • Zenity got a –color-selection switch, to display a color selection dialog. (GNOME bug 540169)
  • GNOME Screensaver got a control center extension panel, but it got reverted, most likely for the next release.
  • Brasero drive selection widget has been fixed to be usable from GtkBuilder (GNOME bug 608170)
  • Some minimal support for checking certificates has been added to Epiphany (GNOME bug 600663)
  • GNOME Shell got notifications to point to windows demanding attention (via the urgency hint) (GNOME bug 610594)
  • gnote has been changed to allow user to decide if links are updated when renaming a note. (GNOME bug 584789)
  • gcalctool was chaned to allow hexadecimal numbers to be entered in lower-case.
  • Carlos Garcia Campos pushed a bonobo-less branch of the GNOME Panel, porting both gnome-panel and libpanel-applet to D-Bus. (GNOME bug 572131)

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 133
banshee 120
gnome-color-manager 82
gimp 79
gtk+ 63
empathy 62
glib 49
gthumb 47
gnome-shell 46
evolution-data-server 45

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Mario Blättermann 72 gnome-devel-docs, gtk+, gnome-power-manager and others
Richard Hughes 71 gnome-color-manager, gnome-packagekit
Bruce Cowan 67 gnome-desktop, hamster-applet, evolution-exchange and others
Piotr Drąg 64 gtk+, gnome-power-manager, gtkhtml and others
Leonid Kanter 60 evolution, solang, gnome-user-share and others
Christopher James Halse Rogers 59 banshee
Matthias Clasen 49 gtk+, glib, accounts-dialog and others
Jorge González 47 gnome-color-manager, gparted, zenity and others
Michael Natterer 45 gimp
Matej Urbančič 38 sawfish, libgda, libgnome-keyring and others