Issue 82

May 2, 2010

This week… 2121 commits, in 206 projects, by 275 happy hackers (and 317 were translation commits).

  • GLChess, from gnome-games, has been switched to use the GtkInfoBar widget. (GNOME bug 612660)
  • Cosimo Cecchi added a button to restore selected files in the trash top bar in Nautilus. (GNOME bug 616304)
  • Robert Carr worked hard on Glide, including some undo machinery, a new animation system, PDF export support; he blogged about this and more in Glide Update….
  • Support for Tracker 0.8 has been added to Brasero. (GNOME bug 616831)
  • Emerillon, the map browser using libchamplain, got bindings for the Vala language. (GNOME bug 616729)
  • Dependency on libgnome has been removed from the invest applet. (GNOME bug 597842)
  • Andreas Rottmann added gobject-introspection support to libsoup.
  • Libchamplain build process has seen many changes, making it possible to build again without libmemphis support.
  • Guido Günther added a simple PAM plugin to krb5-auth-dialog. (GNOME bug 347034)
  • Dodji Seketeli made the find dialog of nemiver non-modal.
  • And GNOME Color Manager has been updated to show much more details in the color picker UI, and allow the user to choose a RGB colorspace.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 148
evolution 136
nautilus 65
glide 64
gdm 62
gedit 57
xmlsec 49
gtk+ 48
empathy 43
banshee 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Robert Carr 64 glide
Matthew Barnes 61 evolution, evolution-exchange, evolution-data-server and others
Richard Hughes 53 gnome-packagekit, gnome-color-manager, gnome-power-manager
Jorge González 52 evolution, gnome-devel-docs, gnome-doc-utils and others
Ray Strode 51 gdm
Cosimo Cecchi 50 nautilus
Aleksey Sanin 49 xmlsec
Philip Van Hoof 44 tracker
Jakub Steiner 35 gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic, gnome-icon-theme-extras and others
Shaun McCance 34 yelp, gnome-user-docs, gnome-devel-docs and others