Issue 84

May 16, 2010

This week… 2094 commits, in 204 projects, by 253 happy hackers (and 417 were translation commits).

  • Florent Thévenet added support for user preferences to solang, using gsettings.
  • libunique and gtkmm have both been ported to GTK+ 3.0.
  • Fabio Bonelli removed libbonobo from Galeon, it uses D-Bus now.
  • In pygi John Palmieri wrapped the GObject module, making it compatible with both the ancient pygobject attributes and new attributes exposed by introspection.
  • Roberto Majadas added initial support for ConsoleKit in nanny.
  • The dependency on libgnome-vfs has been removed from f-spot, it now uses GIO.
  • The class inheritance graph in anjuta has been switched to use cairo, instead of straight gdk draw.
  • Christian Persch ported Evince and GConf to GDBus.
  • Fridrich Strba pushed an initial implementation to have evolution as default mail client and mailto handler under Windows.
  • Introspection support has been added for the libnautilus-extension library.
  • GEdit unique instance mechanism has been switched from bacon to DBus.
  • In GNOME Shell Colin Walters implemented the initial application menu.
  • Last but not least Matthias Clasen merged GDBus in glib.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 136
glib 119
gtk+ 97
f-spot 79
banshee 76
evolution 57
brasero 56
glade3 55
gedit 46
evince 44

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Thomas Thurman 113 glade3, gconf, evolution and others
Matthias Clasen 81 glib, gtk+
Jorge González 67 f-spot, gtk+, libgda and others
Gabriel Burt 61 banshee, podsleuth, f-spot
Ruben Vermeersch 56 f-spot
Philippe Rouquier 51 brasero
Johannes Schmid 48 glade3, anjuta, gnome-lirc-properties
Manoj Kumar Giri 47 evolution, gok, gnome-applets and others
Christian Persch 40 evince, glib, gconf
Javier Jardón 37 gtk+, glade3, giggle and others