Issue 86

May 30, 2010

This week… 2346 commits, in 184 projects, by 266 happy hackers (and 405 were translation commits).

  • Vincent Untz improved and merged Carlos Garcia Campos branch of gnome-panel that moves applets off Bonobo, to D-Bus. (GNOME bug 572131)
  • Shaun McCance landed a bookmarks editor in Yelp.
  • A Kupfer plugin that adds a quick access to tasks from Getting Things GNOME! has been contributed by Karol Będkowski.
  • The “Default Applications” capplet has been converted to a settings panel.
  • Support for devices with sector sizes of more than 512 bytes have been enabled in gparted (GNOME bug 607165)
  • Adel Gadllah contributed to GNOME Shell, with a patch to make sure the app switcher would always be displayed on the primary monitor.
  • XInput2 support has been merged in GTK+, enabling the use of multiple keyboards and pointer pairs. (GNOME bug 596725)
  • Both GNOME Color Manager and Evince have been ported to use GDBus.
  • Alexander Larsson added some initial support for dtrace and systemtap to GLib, the current set of probes is on allocation and free using g_malloc & friends, and g_slice, and gquark name tracking. (GNOME bug 606044)
  • Edgar Luna added a new lyrics parser, using, to Rhythmbox (GNOME bug 525094)
  • Support for gobject introspection has been added to gtksourceview by Tomeu Vizoso, and to dconf by Ryan Lortie.
  • Morten Welinder added a non-linear solver to Gnumeric (GNOME bug 614865)
  • In their GSOC Yuvi Panda pushed the work he started to rewrite Cheese in Vala, Jamie Nicol updated the plugin of rhythmbox to support the new authentication API, and Salomon Sickert has written the first part of a support library for his “TaskView” project.

Top projects

Project Commits
f-spot 156
tracker 155
hyena 151
gtk+ 90
glib 81
evolution 67
banshee 65
gnome-color-manager 63
evince 54
libpeas 51

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ruben Vermeersch 130 f-spot, hyena, banshee
Jorge González 85 evolution, f-spot, gnome-color-manager and others
Gabriel Burt 74 hyena, banshee, empathy
Richard Hughes 66 gnome-color-manager, gnome-packagekit, gnome-power-manager and others
Matthew Barnes 57 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and others
Ryan Lortie 49 glib, dconf
Steve Frécinaux 49 libpeas, gedit, gitg
Mario Blättermann 49 glabels, network-manager-applet, gnome-color-manager and others
Matthias Clasen 48 gtk+, glib, gconf and others
Aaron Bockover 47 hyena