Issue 98

August 22, 2010

This week… 2759 commits, in 181 projects, by 258 happy hackers (and 486 were translation commits).

  • Peter Tyser added to Meld the ability to check if version control repository are valid.
  • Christian Persch ported libgconf-2 to GDbus, this makes libgconf-2 not link to libdbus anymore, which means libgconf-2 is LGPL2+ again. (GNOME bug 618039)
  • Tor-björn Claesson made it possible to register new search providers for the GNOME Shell dash.
  • Paul Cutler added Mallard snippets to the gedit snippets plugin.
  • Also in the Mallard vicinity Claude Paroz updated Damned Lies to display a special icon next to documentation in the Mallard format.
  • Håkon Enger added support for Mac OS VNC authentifcation to gtk-vnc.
  • The Murrine engine got support for theming new widgets: GtkIconView and GtkInfoBar.
  • Jiří Techet changed the double click behaviour of libchamplain, it will now zoom and center to the clicked area. (GNOME bug 605784)
  • Support for importing ODF graphs into Gnumeric continues to improve thanks to Andreas J. Guelzow. (GNOME bug 626961 for example)
  • Carlos Garcia Campos merged his port of gnome-applets to the new libpanel-applet API.
  • Nicolas Dufresne work on proxy support in GLib has been merged.
  • Empathy new “linking contacts” dialog continues to be improved; also it is now possible to disable logging. (GNOME bug 567858)
  • Nate Stedman added support for embedding PDF documents in Ease.
  • Summer of Code has ended, there is a summary of all projects, the snippets manager plugin written by Dragos Dena has been merged in Anjuta, and a few last updates were posted, Salomon Sicket on TaskView, Pēteris Krišjānis on recording VoIP in Jokosher, and Matt Novenstern who worked on the Message Tray.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 453
tracker 297
vala 96
glib 80
empathy 69
nautilus 67
gnumeric 60
nautilus-actions 53
anjuta 49
rygel 49

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Carlos Garnacho 214 gtk+, tracker
Jürg Billeter 107 tracker, vala
Javier Jardón 97 gtk+, epiphany
Benjamin Otte 71 gtk+, gnome-control-center, libgnomekbd and others
Martyn Russell 65 tracker
Aleksander Morgado 58 tracker
Jorge González 56 buoh, empathy, gtk+ and others
Cosimo Cecchi 56 nautilus
Philip Van Hoof 55 tracker
Philip Withnall 54 empathy, totem, libgdata and others

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