Issue 101

September 12, 2010

This week… 2395 commits, in 184 projects, by 268 happy hackers (and 494 were translation commits).

  • Travis Reitter commited a folks-import tool, which allows importing of Pidgin meta-contact information to libfolks’ key file (GNOME bug 629084). He announced it as Folks 0.1.17 includes a migration tool.
  • Nathaniel Harward contributed Shotwell support to Conduit.
  • Luis Medinas replaced the last part of dbus-glib by GDBus in Brasero.
  • A new tablet icon, and a revamped generic phone icon were pushed to gnome-icon-theme by Jakub Steiner.
  • Maxim Ermilov added support for optionally attaching modal dialogs in Mutter, and made use of this new feature in GNOME Shell, adding some visual effects along the way . (GNOME bug 612726)
  • Also in GNOME Shell Milan Bouchet-Valat ported the built-in magnifier to use GSettings . (GNOME bug 622414)
  • In Nemiver Hubert Figuiere ported from libglademm to GtkBuilder, and Dodji Seketeli added support for “filename:linenum” in the set breakpoint dialog.
  • W. Michael Petullo fixed sharing of music by Rhythmbox to iTunes 10 over DAAP . (GNOME bug 628974)
  • Gabriel Burt made many improvements to the bookmark editing feature of pdfmod, including undo/redo support.
  • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro made the interactive search of gedit the default search function, it used to be called using ctrl-k.
  • The new GDatetime support in GLib has been updated to use the Proleptic Gregoian calendar instead of the Julian calendar in its internal representation.
  • Support for XPS documents has been added to Evince; Carlos Garcia Campos announced it in XPS Documents.

Top projects

Project Commits
gtk+ 324
gnome-games 110
vala 101
tracker 95
evolution 62
gimp 62
evolution-data-server 59
gthumb 58
gobject-introspection 54
empathy 50

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Benjamin Otte 167 gtk+, glib
Pablo Castellano 88 gnome-games, jhbuild
Philip Withnall 72 totem, folks, empathy and others
Jürg Billeter 56 vala, tracker
Paolo Bacchilega 52 gthumb
Vincent Untz 52 gnome-panel, gnome-desktop, libwnck and others
Murray Cumming 52 glom, gtkmm, goocanvasmm and others
Tim Janik 50 beast
Martyn Russell 46 tracker
Duarte Loreto 43 gdk-pixbuf, evince, gnome-media and others