Issue 120

January 23, 2011

This week… 2604 commits, in 181 projects, by 266 happy hackers (and 446 were translation commits).

  • The screensaver dialog screen has been made a bit more like the mockups by Jon McCann.
  • Also the work he did to make gdm more like the plans for GNOME 3 has been merged by Ray Strode.
  • Diego Escalante Urrelo started pushing his work for a new Epiphany download manager, in the downloads branch.
  • Chandni Verma patched Empathy to display a typing icon alongside contacts in the MUC contact lists. (GNOME bug 609419)
  • Jeff Schroeder added support for hiding notes, and notebook template notes, in Snowy.
  • Matthias Clasen updated gnome-settings-daemon to use symbolic icons for its On Screen Display. (GNOME bug 639772)
  • Paolo Bacchilega added focus stealing prevention code to file-roller. (GNOME bug 318108)
  • The Adwaita theme engine has been moved from gtk-theme-engine-clearlooks to gnome-themes-standard.
  • A “Generate Patch Series” pane has been added to the git plugin of Anjuta, by James Liggett.
  • Marek Kašík added an initial implementation of a Printers panel to the control center.
  • Pierre Wieser migrated nautilus-actions from GConf to GSettings.
  • A new histogram view has been added to the sidebar of gthumb.
  • David Zeuthen finished the port of gnome-disk-utility to GTK+ 3.
  • The screencast recorded built in GNOME Shell has been switched to webm by Adel Gadllah. (GNOME bug 632595)
  • Also in GNOME Shell Maxim Ermilov added the ability to extend a search to the web, using OpenSearch to define the search engines. (GNOME bug 623708)
  • Top projects

    Project Commits
    nautilus-actions 169
    gtk+ 165
    pygobject 117
    frogr 110
    gnome-control-center 107
    tracker 104
    vala 86
    dasher 60
    evolution 56
    libgda 55

    Top authors

    Author Commits Modules
    Pierre Wieser 146 nautilus-actions
    Mario Sanchez Prada 88 frogr, at-spi2-core
    Matthias Clasen 77 gtk+, gnome-control-center, glib and others
    Matthew Barnes 64 evolution, evolution-data-server
    Jürg Billeter 61 tracker, vala
    Daniel Mustieles 61 libgda, ocrfeeder, glade and others
    Alan Lawrence 51 dasher
    Pavel Holejsovsky 49 gtk+, gobject-introspection
    William Jon McCann 44 gnome-control-center, gdm, gtk+ and others
    Luca Bruno 43 vala