Issue 133

April 24, 2011

This week… 1745 commits, in 184 projects, by 223 happy hackers (and 390 were translation commits).

  • Mario Sanchez Prada switched Frogr to use GTK+ 3 by default.
  • Gary Ching-Pang Lin added a Myspace service to libsocialweb.
  • A quick previewer for Nautilus, named sushi, has been pushed by Cosimo Cecchi, he wrote about it in Sushi.
  • Marek Kasic changed the printers settings panel to set the default paper size according to the locale.
  • Sebastian Polsterl ported the Totem plugin of GNOME DVB Daemon to GDBus.
  • In Epiphany Xan Lopez added UI options to hide the menubar; in the future Web-app like windows will have this hidden by default.
  • Stef Walter added a rudimentary GnuPG collection implementation to gnome-keyring. (GNOME bug 647885)
  • Pedro Castro fixed the insertion of subtitle at video position in gnome-subtitles, after a patch from Michał Sawicz.
  • Alexander Larsson changed the GTK+ broadway backend to use cairo to generate PNG URIs.
  • He also switched it to stream data over websocket, as using zlib compressed data over xmlhttprequest was a nice hack but doesn’t really work in production.
  • Robert Ancell made automatic exponentiation in gcalctool less aggressive.

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 119
gtk+ 95
clutter 77
gcalctool 65
tracker 60
empathy 42
evolution-data-server 42
evolution 41
gnome-menus 37
frogr 36

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Natterer 94 gimp, gtk+, gimp-web
Marek Černocký 49 glabels, kupfer, gnome-subtitles and others
Mario Blättermann 47 gnome3-web, chronojump, gnome-subtitles and others
Philip Withnall 44 folks, almanah, empathy and others
Benjamin Otte 42 gtk+, glib
Robert Bragg 41 clutter
Dan Williams 39 network-manager-applet, network-manager-openvpn, network-manager-openconnect and others
Colin Walters 38 gnome-menus, gnome-shell, gobject-introspection
Robert Ancell 36 gcalctool, gnome-games
Matthew Barnes 36 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and others