Issue 134

May 1, 2011

This week… 2045 commits, in 208 projects, by 235 happy hackers (and 438 were translation commits).

  • In gthumb Paolo Bacchilega added a map vto view the geographical position where the picture was taken.
  • Cosimo Cecchi changed sushi to remove the window title when going fullscreen.
  • Gioavanni Campagna added a new “Removable Drive Menu” extension for gnome-shell, this adds a menu in the system status area that tracks removable disk devices attached and offers to browse them and eject/unmount them. (GNOME bug 647027)
  • Hans Breuer worked on updating the dia manual to match recent changes. (GNOME bug 632660)
  • Alberto Ruiz went on adding gobject introspection annotation to functions in pango.
  • In GNOME Settings Daemon Bastien Nocera simplified the NTP handling for distributions.
  • Guillaume Desmottes refactored the usage of Telepathy in GNOME Shell, porting it to TpBaseClient. (GNOME bug 645585)
  • Also in GNOME Shell Giovanni Campagna updated the network menu to keep wireless networks in a predictable ordre. (GNOME bug 646580)
  • Shaun McCance added some basic Mallard conditional processing to Yelp.
  • Epiphany status overlay was updated by Alexandre Mazari to slide out when the mouse pointer goes close by. (GNOME bug 643909)
  • Felix Rieman switched eog to use lcms2 for colour management.
  • GNOME Terminal has been updated to use gsettings for proxy settings, by Christian Persch. (GNOME bug 647077)
  • John Stowers greatly improved shell theme selection and installation in gnome-tweak-tool.
  • Sébastien Granjoux added the possibility to change directory group properties in Anjuta.
  • Jonathan Matthew removed the old plugin system of rhythmbox, completing the switch to libpeas.

Top projects

Project Commits
gthumb 149
pango 107
tracker 94
kupfer 64
gtk+ 59
frogr 52
sushi 52
nautilus 49
glib 41
gimp 41

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Paolo Bacchilega 125 gthumb, file-roller
Alberto Ruiz 96 pango, planet-web
Cosimo Cecchi 86 sushi, nautilus, gnome-themes-standard and others
Muhammet Kara 66 gcalctool, gnome-bluetooth, sound-juicer and others
Marek Černocký 57 ocrfeeder, frogr, postr and others
Ulrik Sverdrup 55 kupfer
Daniel Mustieles 51 frogr, eog, clutter and others
Mario Sanchez Prada 38 frogr
Matthew Barnes 34 evolution, gnome-video-arcade, evolution-mapi and others
Shaun McCance 32 yelp-xsl, gnome-devel-docs, yelp-tools and others